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revised: music to fuck to

04/30/2008  |  27 Comments

I posted a sexmix last year, in August, but I'm constantly revising my playlists. This is the current sexmix tracklist.This is... more

ask me anything: about butch identity

04/29/2008  |  9 Comments

4. leo asked: i have a question about butch identity. you’ve written so eloquently about the concerns you faced in reconciling... more

ask me anything: the answers

04/29/2008  |  6 Comments

I offered up answering any question that was asked today - you can still ask a question until, oh, let's... more

ask me anything

04/29/2008  |  10 Comments

... go on, you know you want to.In celebration of Sugarbutch Chronicle's second anniversary, I'm going to follow one of... more

sugarbutch’s second anniversary

04/29/2008  |  13 Comments

Today celebrates the second anniversary of the beginning of Sugarbutch Chronicles. Two years ago, I was stuck in a Lesbian... more

eye candy: “Womyn in Construction” series

04/28/2008  |  11 Comments

Two shots from photographer Laura Placencia's series, "Womyn in Construction." Laura adds: The two womyn in the pictures are Elsa and Tania, a... more

Protected: a potent alchemy

04/28/2008  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Pressed on top of her, my hands on her wrists, holding her arms above her head, pressed back into the... more

guest post: submissive impulses, and why I heart sadists

04/24/2008  |  12 Comments

This guest post comes from Muse, as part of a response to my post on the sadistic impulse. She adds... more

eye candy: pharoah

04/24/2008  |  3 Comments

"sugar stud: likes poetry, hip  hop and being called papi." - Natasha

128: such sexy shit

04/23/2008  |  2 Comments

I'm sorry, but how fucking hot is this week's sugasm photo of the girl with the stilettos? Damn damn damn.The... more