How to Get the Password

Starting in 2016, there is a new password. It is exclusively for folks who support me on Patreon. It has been significant to have financial support for my writing through Patreon … I don’t think I’d still be writing here if that wasn’t in place. But enough folks have said, “No really, I care about what you’re doing, please keep doing it,” through a couple bucks a month, that I feel motivated to write and share. And I feel excited to have a small group of folks who have become my inner circle, my confidants and friends online.

I will accept any amount. You can pledge $10 per entry, or $10 per month, or $1 per entry, or $0.25 per entry. You’ll still get the password.

There are complicated internet politics with having things behind a paywall, and I have already heard from some people that they are disappointed to no longer have access to the journal entries, and that they can’t afford to support me even a little. Honestly? I’ve been there. I haven’t been able to spare one dollar. So I get that that can be very real sometimes.

And, I can’t keep putting my very vulnerable journal writing out into the internet without some sort of “fair energy exchange” — FEE. Money is not the only energy to exchange for my writing. If there are things you’d like to offer me instead of support on Patreon, I would be glad to consider that. Contact me.