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On Autostraddle

Constellations is a short series of interconnected erotic stories published on Autostraddle in 2020 as part of their erotica series “Slick.” They are accessible to Autostraddle A+ members.

View From The Top was a column that ran 2015-2016, edited by Ryan Yates, and produced some of my favorite writing that I’ve ever done. Read the entire VFTT archive here.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

On The Lesbrary

On Body Trust


On Lamdba Literary

On Carnal Nation

  • This column ran on Carnal Nation with a focus on masculinity from the perspective of a queer butch. The site Carnal Nation no longer exists, but I plan to archive the columns here. (Eventually. When I can find the columns again.)

On What They Are Asking

On SexIs Magazine

On Kinkly

On AfterEllen

Other Places