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You jerk off in the bathroom at work AGAIN and realize you are going home to an empty house and no dates.

(Also, OKCupid sucks.)

Don’t you want to actually USE
that drawer full of sex toys?

It’s time for a three month one on one coaching package that builds the foundation of your sex life.

You will:

  • Be inspired to chase your partner around the house in your underwear
  • have easy-breezy discussions about the kind of sex you want
  • Wake up bright and giggly
  • Get that flashback to last night’s amazing dirty sex romp all day long
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“I have so much to think about, talk about with my partner, and explore on my own!” —K

You could so easily fork over this kind of money on Starbucks lattes or drinking wine and going out to eat. Be purposeful about your spending and invest in getting the satisfying sex life you’ve always wanted!


In addition to the six sessions one-on-one with Sinclair, you’ll get a Relationship Assessment Tool to help figure out where your relationship is at right now—and where you want to be!

Ready to sign up?

  • Click on the bright orange button
  • Pay, schedule, and complete your questionnaire via Satori
  • NOTE: make sure to create a client profile when prompted so that you can handle scheduling yourself
  • We meet every two weeks for three months, six sessions

You get:

  • six one-on-one sessions with Sinclair
  • a Relationship Assessment Tool
  • an overflowing toolbox of experiments and resources for your fantastic sex life!
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“Very good guidance. Very clear. Sinclair knows what they’re talking about!” —SK
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“Mr. Sexsmith, thank you for being an excellent guide. You are truly amazing to work with.” —kay

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