Take Your D/s to the Next Level

… And live the D/s fantasy of your dreams.

Don’t you want to:

  • Step up & escalate the D/s that you and your partner are already doing
  • Relax into a stable, sustainable D/s relationship
  • Feel secure in D/s while playing with other people
  • Navigate changes in your D/s dynamic with grace and ease
  • Access dominant or submissive headspace readily
  • Explore the depths of your submission & surrender
  • Be more consistent as a dominant

I’ve been supporting people in D/s relationships for more than 15 years.

Professionally, through coaching, writing, and teaching, I have developed many theories and systems to help D/s relationships become sustainable, fulfilling, and long lasting. Through my personal life, I have explored D/s from casual one night stands to 24/7 relationships longer than a decade. Through the kink & leather communities, I have attended dozens of conferences, workshops, retreats, and lectures about power exchange in a wide variety of forms.

(You could say I’m a really big nerd about this stuff.)

I’m excited to share my expertise and knowledge with you, and to see if some of the tools I have will support you to get to the next level of D/s that you are eager to explore.

Dominance & submission:

  • Coming to a D/s or Daddy identity or dynamic
  • D/s Dating, looking for a new dominant or submissive
  • Navigating changes in D/s
  • Getting needs met in D/s
  • D/s & Polyamory
  • Escalating your D/s dynamic
  • Collaring ceremony planning & facilitation
  • Writing your Contract &/or Household Manual
  • Daddy dynamics – attachment, healing, and challenges
  • Turning up your D/s dynamic – high protocol, more control, more surrender
  • Step up your dirty talk (no matter which role you’re in!)
  • Creating or managing protocols, a “training wheel,” and consequences
  • Transitioning from D/s to ownership or 24/7
  • Healing after ruptures, & tools for repair
  • Rituals for ending D/s relationships
  • Grief and healing from D/s relationships

Talk to me about all the things you can’t tell your therapist.

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“I have so much to think about, talk about with my partner, and explore on my own!” —K, coaching client

What are you puzzling in your erotic life right now?

Sign up at the bottom of this page for a complimentary 30-minute Zoom call, where you can share a little bit about what you’re puzzling, and I’ll share about how coaching works, and we can decide if we want to work together.

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“Sinclair has assisted me to explore my own gender and navigate the complexities of queer, kinky and sometimes polyamorous relationships and world in a respectful, consensual, skillful and nourishing way. I highly recommend taking part in Sinclair’s coaching.”- VDJA

Here’s the Pricing

1-hour session: $150
2 1-hour sessions: $300
4 1-hour sessions: $500 (normally $600 when booked individually)
8 1-hour sessions: $800 ($100/hour instead of $150/hour)

You can also sign up for the mentor rate via my Patreon and have a 1 hour call with me monthly for $100/month.

Sliding scale: I have 5 slots available per month at a sliding rate. Email me for more information, sinclair@sugarbutch.net.

Payments are via my online shop, or Venmo. If those won’t work for you, let me know and we can discuss.

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“Very good guidance. Very clear. Sinclair knows what they’re talking about!” —SK, coaching client
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“Mr. Sexsmith, thank you for being an excellent guide. You are truly amazing to work with.” — AC, coaching client

Here’s the booking form

Complimentary sessions are 30 minutes, where we’ll chat about what you are puzzling and I’ll share how my coaching works. (The form defaults to 1 hour, but these are 30 minutes.) If you’d like a 1-hour session, please pay for that here to ensure you receive your full hour.

Cancellation Policy: Please let me know by email if you need to cancel at least 24 hours before the session. If you need to cancel day of, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

Email me if you have any questions: sinclair@sugarbutch.net