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L Word Box Set Winners!

10/31/2008  |  6 Comments

Okay folks:#4 denise #13 bzzzzgrrrl #14 Emilie #27 Miss Avarice #29, Bevin #37 Blythe #63 MsF #69 Ari #80 s.c. #84 jhYou are now the proud owner of... more

Sugarbutch Star: Maze – “The Girl in the Red Dress”

10/29/2008  |  27 Comments

The Girl in the Red DressAt first I'm trying to ignore her. I have my latest review book, Best Lesbian... more

Eye Candy: Rachel Maddow, again

10/29/2008  |  11 Comments

If I do too many more posts about the bromance I'm having with Rachel Maddow, I'm going to have to... more

Your very own L Word Season 5 Box Set

10/28/2008  |  84 Comments

8 Against 8 is over! We raised more than $13,000 to oppose Proposition 8 in California.Thank you, everyone, for the... more

8against8: Law, Life, and Love

10/27/2008  |  2 Comments

Guest post from Allison Blixt, a friend-of-a-friend whose personal writeup about gay marriage activism touched me. She said I could... more

8against8: Ruby and Ami

10/27/2008  |  1 Comment

Ruby & Ami, Seattle, August 2006. Because along as gay marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have gay marriages.Some... more

8against8: Stephanie and Denise

10/27/2008  |  1 Comment

Photos from Stephanie & Denise's wedding, Oct 11th 2008 in Yosemite.They sent me that first one, the other two... more

8against8: Dorothy and Angela

10/27/2008  |  4 Comments

All photography of Dorothy & Angela's wedding by Molly Bennett.

8against8: Clare and Jack

10/27/2008  |  2 Comments

Clare & Jack, September 2008. Says Clare: "I am wearing a vintage dress and hat from the 30's (note the... more

8against8: Holden and Femme

10/27/2008  |  5 Comments

Femme is my Gender and Holden from Packing VocalsSays Femme: "It was August 21st 2004, and getting married? It... more