8against8: We are not the enemy

Another photo project: We Are Not the Enemy

Please send work-safe photos with “We are not the enemy” somewhere in the image to wearenottheenemy@gmail.com. LGBT pals and groups are welcome; couple status is not required.

I don’t know who these hotties are, but I want to meet them. More photos at the We Are Not the Enemy Blog.

6 thoughts on “8against8: We are not the enemy”

  1. How unbelievably hot are these two? I suddenly feel very warm.

  2. Kitcat says:

    No doubt. Hot as hell!

  3. Great photo. Suited & booted has got a wicked little smile – too right – she knows she rocks!

  4. The hair, the tie, the suit! hmm hmm, so handsome. And a lovely lady in her arms as well! What a treat.

  5. funny…I've been gone on vacation and when I log on to your blog I see my friends Angie Evans (www.myspace.com/angieevans she just released an album and I stage managed her record release party..what an honor) and Justine (www.justineartist.com she's an amazing artist!) I have the extreme pleasure of knowing these two amazing and talented mujeres! How beautiful they are both inside and out! NO ON 8!

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