Because everyone should have the right to be awesome

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7 thoughts on “Because everyone should have the right to be awesome”

  1. Jul says:

    Most do not know this about me, but I totally went up to canada with the gal I'm with and got hitched. JCrew silk gown…and I'm hoping I won't regret it. Simple, no ruffles or horrible puffed sleeves, just simple, elegant and understated.

    I figure if I want to f*(k this chick forever, I'd better make my move.

    Thanks for the work you do…I'll be rooting for you all.

  2. Caitlin says:

    What I keep trying to think about, and what keeps eluding me, is *why* people are so opposed to gay marriage. I mean, yes, technically, of course I understand: Adam-and-Eve-not-Adam-and-Steve, and all of that. I've been reading the Yes on 8 materials, and I am grokking that it all boils down to religious/ moral opposition to this so-called affront to "traditional" marriage.

    But I don't know… there's some way in which I still just do not understand why people are so fervently opposed, on such a gut level, to homosexual union. Is it revulsion? Fear? Unfamiliarity? There seems to be such a disconnect between the Yes-on-8ers' attempt to cast this as a neat, rational political issue , when in fact it comes from a deep, dark place of disapproval and who knows what else. They're forced to use falsehoods to frame this as a political issue, an issue of rights — it will take away churches rights, it will force teachers to teach gay marriage, etc.

    *Sigh.* It's a tough one to wrap the ol' brain around.

  3. oh, i *love* the poster! adorable! and, as you say, awesome.

  4. Christina says:

    I love it. I know there will be a fight next november about making my butch wear an eggplant tie to our wedding, but SHE'S the one that wanted a femme.

    Marriage is more than awesome, more than a religious statement, more than ties that match the bridesmaids' dresses – it's a basic human right. The fact that we have to fight so hard for it boggles the mind.

  5. Terroni says:

    It's perfect.

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