8against8: Julie and Nikola

Your musical interlude during this week of activism against Proposition 8 is Comedian Julie Goldman’s music video “Commitment Ceremony.”

This so cracks me up. So clever, and such a subtle way to point out how commitment ceremonies are inherently unequal.

Comedian Julie Goldman married Nikola Smith in 2005 in Massachusetts, which, aside from California and Connecticut, also grants same-sex marriage rights.

(photo from Go Magazine)

… If you think Julie is hot and funny (and, uh, who wouldn’t?), also check out a great clip of her stand-up routine where she talks about shopping for her wedding.

4 thoughts on “8against8: Julie and Nikola”

  1. alisha says:

    "and i'll change the tires, cause i'm butch! "

    husky and starch.. hahaha!

    "i have the entire christian right in my vagina. right now." [that's a button waiting to happen..]

    "apparently i ordered the salad because i'm a lesbian and lesbians have to order salad they can't order burgers and fries!"

  2. denise says:

    I liked her "lesbian phone sex" sketch she did on logo. It was pretty funny.

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