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[Video] Spicy Showcase at Drunken! Careening! Writers!

Here’s the replay for the Spicy Showcase at Drunken! Careening! Writers!

Queer Kink Erotica at Drunken! Careening! Writers!
Thursday, December 14, 2023, 4-6pm PT / 7-9pm ET
hosted by Kathleen Warnock
featuring: Sinclair Sexsmith
Lore Hershey
Yu-Long Boba Baba
Puff the Magic System
Christian Pan

Featured image by TJ

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Zoom chat during DCW
00:25:26 Sinclair | they/them:
00:27:14 Sinclair | they/them:
00:27:14 Kathleen Warnock: I am on unceded Lenni-Lenape land.
00:29:24 Sinclair | they/them: lineup!
Lore Hershey
Mr Loving Words
Yu-Long Boba Baba
Puff the Magic System
Christian Pan
00:29:28 Christian Pan: I am on the unceded land of the Lanape, also known as Manhattan. I use he/him pronouns. Very grateful to be here, and sharing some of my writing with you all.
00:29:34 Laurel Salvo: Yay loreeeee
00:29:57 Sassywheelz (she/her): From Sacramento, CA, heard about Spicy Showcase via email. I’m excited to be here and do enjoy hearing MrLovingWords read his 🔥 work.
00:30:30 Guest: LORE!!!!!!!YAMAHA AAA AAA
00:30:48 Alana: YAY LORE!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️‍🔥

00:31:14 Sinclair | they/them: Lore Hershey (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent, kinky and nerdy word witch; trauma-informed and trained conflict resolution practitioner; and astrologer who founded The Unconventional Plutonian (UP), a platform dedicated to inner transformation and rewilding work. They are a writer of erotica, speculative fiction, and poetry, and lover of all things whimsical and inquisitive. Their major kinks include supporting individuals and communities seeking to reimagine and change deeply held narratives with courage and empathy; a healthy dose of psychological play, brat taming, forced praise, and general mischief; and challenging power paradigms through radical liberatory self-expression. You can find them on http://Instagram.theunconventionalplutonian
00:31:23 eli Rue: Lore!!!!
00:31:46 TJ Aluminumbrat: Calling in from unceded Treaty 6 Territory! Yaaaa Lore!!! <3 <3
00:31:54 Katie Bowen: yayyy
00:32:06 Sinclair | they/them: It Came From the Closet:
00:32:52 Alana: Yaaaaaas give it up Lore❤️‍🔥
00:33:37 Sinclair | they/them: 🔥🔥🔥
00:33:44 Sinclair | they/them: “gasoline to her …” what was that line!!! oooof
00:33:51 Laurel Salvo: 😰😰😰😰
00:33:55 Alana: Love a good circling prowl!
00:34:21 Sassywheelz (she/her): A victorious grin
00:34:22 Alana: UUUUUUUUFFFFFFF!!!!!
00:34:27 TJ Aluminumbrat: Every inchhhhhh
00:34:33 Aspen D: Every inch!
00:35:03 Sinclair | they/them: “she refuses to break eye contact” 😶
00:35:04 Alana: Love how she uses him as she keeps eye contact with the narrator!!!!
00:35:05 Faith Arrowsmith: “Demands more be given”
00:35:09 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”Demands more be giv…” with 🔥
00:35:29 TJ Aluminumbrat: Mmm I’m here for the claiming
00:35:31 Aspen D: Cosmic clash
00:35:49 Sinclair | they/them: starlight ⭐🌟✨💖
00:35:57 Sinclair | they/them: 🥺
00:35:58 Aspen D: Oooh love slick lacquer
00:36:12 Sinclair | they/them: “flaws, jagged and spent” fuckkkk
00:36:12 Alana: Ooooofff the love
00:36:13 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Claim her! … Please. … Powdering all my cracks.
00:36:31 Kathleen Warnock: “We are ephemeral and free…always have been”
00:36:49 Faith Arrowsmith: Oooh
00:36:52 Aspen D: Hotttttt
00:36:53 Alana: YAYAAAAAAAAHHHH Damn that was hot!
00:37:26 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Lore’s words rock my world.
00:37:54 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “YAYAAAAAAAAHHHH Damn…” with 😍
00:40:05 Alana: HOT HOT HOT
00:40:09 TJ Aluminumbrat: YAAAAAAAA
00:40:21 Christian Pan: Great work, @Lore Hershey !
00:40:57 Sinclair | they/them: LM (she/her) is a fierce, fabulous, 40-something Puerto Rican mama of three children, and an ethically non-monogamous kinkster. By the end of third grade, LM hand published her first three books (Patchy the Pumpkin, Twin Stars, and Toyland), and wrote dark, twisted poetry through college. After she turned 40, she wrote her first erotica short story and was hooked. LM’s many passions include crocheting, loom knitting, pole dancing, all things kink, hiking, the beach, and the art of mixology. She is a voracious reader and usually reads more than 150 books a year. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
00:41:45 Laurel Salvo: Yay LM!!! So excited!
00:42:07 Lore Hershey: GO LM!!!!
00:42:31 Alana: Not like they can compete with the hotness in these stories!!!!!
00:42:37 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Not like they can co…” with 👍
00:42:38 TJ Aluminumbrat: You’re gonna crush it LM!! <3
00:42:43 Sinclair | they/them: LM’s instagram
00:44:09 TJ Aluminumbrat: WOWZA what an opening !
00:44:43 Sinclair | they/them: 🥵🥵🥵
00:44:54 Alana: Knots of pleasure and pain WHATTTT
00:45:00 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Knots of pleasure an…” with ⭐
00:46:20 Sinclair | they/them: oooffff I love a countdown
00:46:30 Alana: Reacted to “oooffff I love a cou…” with ❤️‍🔥
00:46:55 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “oooffff I love a cou…” with 😬
00:46:56 Sinclair | they/them: “my perfect little slut” 🥺
00:47:08 Sinclair | they/them: “indeed”!!!!
00:47:23 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “oooffff I love a cou…” with ❤️‍🔥
00:47:36 Sinclair | they/them: “in pain, in lust in yearning, in desire” !!!
00:47:37 Lore Hershey: Replying to “Knots of pleasure an…” YUMYUMYUM
00:48:06 Alana: Not wanting to let go of it………..
00:48:10 Lore Hershey: Thanks for all the chat love, everyone!!! Just read it 🥰
00:48:21 Sarah St John: May i?
00:48:30 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Thanks for all the c…” with 👍
00:48:44 Lore Hershey: AND YOU DID
00:48:47 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Thanks for all the c…” with 💖
00:48:50 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “AND YOU DID” with 🔥
00:48:57 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “AND YOU DID” with ‼️
00:49:34 Lore Hershey: “Coaxed another wave of pleasure” need to turn the fan on
00:49:47 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”Coaxed another wave…” with ‼️
00:49:49 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”Coaxed another wave…” with 🥵
00:49:58 Sinclair | they/them: “what a fantastic little slut you are” !!!
00:50:06 Sinclair | they/them: 🥵🔥
00:50:30 Lore Hershey: #ascended
00:50:34 Alana: WHEWWWWWWW
00:50:35 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “#ascended” with 😂
00:50:35 Kathleen Warnock: Well done!!!
00:50:36 elsbeth (she/her): Sooo good
00:50:38 Sarah St John: So hot
00:50:40 Lore Hershey: IT’S MAGNUM!!!!
00:50:44 Christian Pan: Great work, @LM D’Lishes (She/Her)
00:50:48 eli Rue: 🥵🥵🥵
00:51:05 Sinclair | they/them: The Ethical Slut –

00:52:17 Sinclair | they/them: Mr Loving Words (he/him) is a poet, performer, and educator born in Los Angeles and raised in the Inland Empire. He believes that poetry has the ability to bring diverse groups together, offering a way to connect through shared challenges, achievements and experiences. He is the winner of the 2021 San Gabriel Poetry Slam. You can find him attending poetry readings throughout California or follow his poetry via
00:52:48 Sinclair | they/them: mmmm prettyyyyyy
00:53:40 TJ Aluminumbrat: And a whole lot of hope <3
00:53:48 Sinclair | they/them: “so too would my legs crumble before you” 🥵
00:53:50 Lore Hershey: “Crumble before you like Jericho’s walls” – I am just… brain offline
00:53:51 Faith Arrowsmith: This poem makes me want to bite shoulders.
00:53:54 Sinclair | they/them: render worship!!!!
00:53:56 Sinclair | they/them: fuck
00:53:57 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “This poem makes me w…” with ❤️
00:54:00 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “This poem makes me w…” with ‼️
00:54:02 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “This poem makes me w…” with 🔥
00:54:04 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “fuck” with ❤️
00:54:11 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “This poem makes me w…” with 🥵
00:54:31 Faith Arrowsmith: Written intention along your spine!
00:54:34 Lore Hershey: “Written intention along your spine” – I am weak
00:54:57 Kathleen Warnock: “not the wine you’ve sipped from the glass…”
00:54:58 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to #ascended with “👆”
00:54:59 Sinclair | they/them: “written intention along your spine” fuckkkkk
00:55:05 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to ““not the wine you’ve…” with 🥵
00:55:07 Lore Hershey: 🥵
00:55:08 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to ““not the wine you’ve…” with ⭐
00:55:19 Sinclair | they/them: “fuse our fabric and skin into one entity” !!!!
00:55:22 Sinclair | they/them: goddamn
00:55:22 Alana: ❤️‍🔥
00:55:28 Sinclair | they/them: your weakest spot!!!
00:55:41 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Neck and shoulder meet, your weakest spot. That’s certainly a hot spot.
00:55:46 Faith Arrowsmith: 💀
00:55:49 elsbeth (she/her): Damn!
00:55:51 Sinclair | they/them: WOW
00:55:55 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): I … am … yours …
00:55:58 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “I … am … yours ….” with 🥵
00:56:04 Christian Pan: Beautiful poem, @Mr Loving Words
00:56:13 eli Rue: Reacted to I … am … yours …. with “🥵”
00:56:23 Sinclair | they/them: love how the content warnings are like … a mini preview that makes me start to squirm 😄
00:56:32 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “love how the content…” with ❤️
00:56:35 Sinclair | they/them: “don’t open it … we’ll play with it tonight” !!!
00:56:41 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “love how the content…”
00:56:51 Sinclair | they/them: (oh that rose vibrator is gooooood)
00:56:57 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Yeeeeees!” with 💖
00:56:58 Christian Pan: Reacted to ““don’t open it … we’…” with 👍
00:56:59 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “love how the content…” with ❤️
00:57:04 Erika Pérez: Reacted to “(oh that rose vibrat…” with 👍
00:57:14 Sinclair | they/them: “sir likes me distracted by my thoughts” hehehe
00:57:22 Sinclair | they/them: 😈
00:57:38 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “(oh that rose vibrat…” with 🥵
00:57:43 Sinclair | they/them: I love how “prep for the evenings activity” translates in my brain to “probably an enema”
00:57:57 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “I love how “prep for…” with 😂
00:58:00 Puff the Magic System (he/him): Reacted to “I love how “prep for…” with 👆
00:58:00 Lore Hershey: Replying to “I love how “prep for…” OMFG
00:58:01 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “I love how “prep for…” with 😃
00:58:08 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to I love how “prep for… with “👆”
00:58:09 Lore Hershey: Replying to “I love how “prep for…” I mean, are you wrong?
00:58:10 Sinclair | they/them: yesss flared base! crystal red jewel in the shape of a heart!!!
00:58:18 Sinclair | they/them: 🔥🥵
00:58:35 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to love how the content… with “💯”
00:58:46 Sinclair | they/them: arousal simmering to the surface of my skin … 🥵
00:58:49 Faith Arrowsmith: You can and you will
00:58:51 Sinclair | they/them: you can and you will!!!!!
00:58:55 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “I love how “prep for…”
00:58:55 Sinclair | they/them: damnnn
00:58:58 Faith Arrowsmith: Well then
00:59:01 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Well then” with ‼️
00:59:03 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Well then” with ⭐
00:59:08 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “Well then” IN THAT CASE
00:59:37 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): PUt it in your ass. … Sooooooo hot!
00:59:39 Sinclair | they/them: “I was just playing” … awww
00:59:45 Lore Hershey: “I wanted to see how primal you would get” #honestlysame gorgeous
00:59:49 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”I wanted to see how…” with ⭐
00:59:52 Alana: Reacted to “”I wanted to see how…” with ❤️‍🔥
00:59:56 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “”I wanted to see how…”
01:00:01 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “#honestlysame” with 🥰
01:00:13 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): slit … clit … hot hot hot. Yes, taste my sweetness. … Lip gloss.
01:00:21 Puff the Magic System (he/him): jfc
01:00:22 Lore Hershey: YOU WILL
01:00:26 Alana: Ooooofff I love that. someone being betrayed by their own body. Giving away all the excitement
01:00:33 Sinclair | they/them: ooh I did not realize that the narrator was a person with a clit kind of person!!
01:00:44 Puff the Magic System (he/him): 🥵
01:00:45 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Ooooofff I love that…” with 💯
01:00:46 Lore Hershey: Replying to “ooh I did not realiz…” Me neither
01:00:50 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Ooooofff I love that…” with ‼️
01:01:28 Sinclair | they/them: “doesn’t feel that bad” !!! 🥺😮
01:01:41 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “ooh I did not realiz…”
Me niether. Makes it even hotter in some ways. Ah, pet.
01:01:52 Lore Hershey: The “how does it feel” check-in is so gorgeous
01:01:56 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “The “how does it fee…” with 💯
01:01:58 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “The “how does it fee…” with 🥺
01:02:01 Sinclair | they/them: so gooooood
01:02:20 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Rub yourself for me.
01:02:32 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Rub yourself for me.” with 🥵
01:02:48 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “ooh I did not realiz…”love the gender fuckery of this Mr Loving Words reading the narrator’s perspective 😵‍💫
01:02:55 Sinclair | they/them: “may I please come sir” !!!
01:02:58 Lore Hershey: I hope “I Fan My Clit” becomes the name of a hit song
01:03:03 Christian Pan: Reacted to “love the gender fuck…” with ❤️
01:03:10 Alana: Reacted to “I hope “I Fan My Cli…” with 🎵
01:03:20 Sinclair | they/them: 💀
01:03:22 Sinclair | they/them: omgggg
01:03:34 Lore Hershey: 🙃🙃🙃
01:04:31 Lore Hershey: Anyone else drooling?
01:04:37 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Anyone else drooling…” with ✅
01:04:46 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “I hope “I Fan My Cli…” with 😂
01:04:51 TJ Aluminumbrat: YYYYYAAAAAA
01:04:59 Christian Pan: Great work, @Mr Loving Words !
01:04:59 Sarah St John: So good!!!!
01:04:59 Sassywheelz (she/her): Giving me gentle kisses on my cheek, forehead…
01:05:02 TJ Aluminumbrat: Thank you for reading Mr Loving Words!!!
01:05:04 Sarah St John: 👏
01:05:04 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): soooo fucking good.
01:05:04 Sassywheelz (she/her): wooooo
01:05:06 Lore Hershey: WOWOWOOWOWOWOOOWW, thank you
01:05:09 Kathleen Warnock: Wonderful work!
01:05:26 Faith Arrowsmith: Gahhhhh so friggin good
01:05:29 eli Rue: so intoxicating !!!
01:05:35 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “so intoxicating !!!” with 🥰
01:05:43 Lore Hershey: Yeahhhhh go TJ!!!!

01:05:45 Sinclair | they/them: TJ (they/them) @aluminumbrat is a biracial illustrator regularly causing problems in the Northern Hemisphere. Their comics and paintings explore humour, queer intimacy & sexuality, and are inspired by their ancestral Egyptian pictorial traditions.
01:05:47 Faith Arrowsmith: Goooo TJ!!!
01:05:48 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Causing problems is good stuff.
01:05:53 Laurel Salvo: Yayyy tj!!!
01:05:55 Sinclair | they/them:
01:05:58 Lore Hershey: Replying to “Causing problems is …”
A MENACE, affectionate
01:06:11 Sarah St John: TJ!!!
01:06:36 Sinclair | they/them: NO RULES
01:07:42 Sinclair | they/them: yayyyy
01:07:45 Sinclair | they/them: great intro!! <3 <3
01:08:00 Faith Arrowsmith: They’re the cutest lil comic couple.
01:08:11 Sinclair | they/them: 😍
01:08:38 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “A MENACE, affectiona…” with 💯
01:08:48 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “A MENACE, affectiona…” with ❤️
01:09:00 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Dangous words, I can do whatever I want.
01:09:06 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Dangous words, I can…” with 💯
01:09:16 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “They’re the cutest l…” with 😍
01:09:40 Kathleen Warnock: I love this!
01:09:41 Sinclair | they/them: OH NOOOO
01:09:45 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “I love this!” with 😍
01:10:06 Sinclair | they/them: 😂😅
01:10:20 Sassywheelz (she/her): Haha, so fun and cute.
01:10:37 Faith Arrowsmith: TJ fan club
01:10:38 Alana: I love love this!!
01:10:39 Sarah St John: ❤️❤️❤️
01:10:40 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): friggin’ awesome!
01:10:46 Sinclair | they/them:
01:10:50 Christian Pan: Great work, @TJ Aluminumbrat
01:10:51 eli Rue: Love it so much!
01:11:29 Sinclair | they/them: YAY LOCAL ARTISTS
01:12:06 Faith Arrowsmith: Sometimes Facebook marketplace has a lot of local artists, surprisingly!

01:12:23 Sinclair | they/them:
01:12:33 Lore Hershey: Amazing work, TJ!! <3
01:12:35 Sinclair | they/them:
01:12:53 Lore Hershey: Do Writing Spicy! You won’t regret it
01:12:54 Faith Arrowsmith: Everyone. Join. Writing. Spicy.
01:13:00 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Everyone. Join. Writ…” with 👍
01:13:05 Kathleen Warnock: Thank you for all you do, Sinclair!
01:13:07 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Do Writing Spicy! Yo…” with 👍
01:13:14 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Thank you for all yo…” with 🥰
01:13:42 Lore Hershey: I love that Sinclair’s CW list is like collectively longer than all of ours. #goals
01:13:50 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to Thank you for all yo… with “💯”
01:13:57 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Causing problems is …” with 😏
01:14:03 eli Rue: Reacted to I love that Sinclair… with “🔥”
01:14:08 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “A MENACE, affectiona…” with 😂
01:14:14 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to I love that Sinclair… with “😆”
01:14:24 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Over my lap … best first three words ever!
01:14:43 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “I love that Sinclair…” with 😂
01:15:14 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “great intro!! <3 <3” with ❤️
01:15:29 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Dangous words, I can…” with 😎
01:15:41 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “Over my lap … best…” with 👍
01:15:42 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “I love this!” with ❤️
01:16:07 Sassywheelz (she/her): Shut it, take it
01:16:11 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Shut it, take it” with 🥵
01:16:20 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Shut it, take it” with 🥵
01:16:36 Lore Hershey: Replying to “Shut it, take it” The room is a little spinny
01:16:43 Sarah St John: Holding so you can feel me
01:16:44 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “I love that Sinclair…” with 😂
01:17:14 TJ Aluminumbrat: YYYYYAAAAAAAAAA
01:17:22 Lore Hershey: The cadence of reading that piece was incredible!
01:17:22 Alana: Raise your hand if you identify with the flustered, unable-t-speak lil toy right now
01:17:26 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Keep doing that. Just like that. And I do. … Hot!
01:17:30 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Raise your hand if y…” with ✅
01:17:32 Kathleen Warnock: It’s because of spring…
01:17:32 Puff the Magic System (he/him): Reacted to “Raise your hand if y…” with ✅
01:17:33 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Raise your hand if y…” with 👏🏼
01:17:40 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Raise your hand if y…” with ✅
01:18:02 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “The cadence of readi…” with ❤️
01:18:36 Alana: lolllllz
01:18:46 TJ Aluminumbrat: Lilacs <3 <3
01:19:03 Lore Hershey: Gorgeous
01:19:24 Kara Plaxa: Please carve your name!
01:19:36 Alana: I volunteer as tribute!
01:20:04 Lore Hershey: it’s so vulnerable and *chef’s kiss*
01:21:14 TJ Aluminumbrat: loooooooooove this one
01:21:24 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): OMG yes. … Sometimes I want so much I can’t even tell what I want. … So true.
01:21:25 Lore Hershey: SIX WAS THICK
01:21:37 Faith Arrowsmith: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
01:21:44 Alana: Reacted to “SIX WAS THICK” with ❤️‍🔥
01:22:04 Sassywheelz (she/her): I savor the bruising
01:22:17 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “I savor the bruising” with ❤️
01:22:19 Lore Hershey: A new meaning of lock jaw damn
01:22:42 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): I love the way sinclair reads. My writing has to sound good too, but damn. Sinclair takes it to a whole new level.
01:23:02 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “A new meaning of loc…” with 😂
01:23:20 Lore Hershey: Bring on the brat taming!!!! *fight round bell rings*
01:23:36 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Bring on the brat ta…” with 🤨
01:23:41 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Bring on the brat ta…” with ❤️
01:23:45 Sarah St John: Squishy shit 😅
01:23:47 Puff the Magic System (he/him): ‘we live for this squishy shit’ #relatable
01:23:52 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): …this squishy shit …!
01:23:58 Lore Hershey: Replying to “…this squishy shit…” samesamesame
01:24:22 Erika Pérez: “Just let me use you”….holy fuck
01:24:31 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “…this squishy shit…”
I mean, it’s awesome stuff.
01:24:51 TJ Aluminumbrat: Minimize the squirming holy FUCK
01:24:59 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “”Just let me use you…” with ❤️
01:25:02 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “”Just let me use you…” with 💕
01:25:27 Sarah St John: Rough body play 🥵
01:26:25 Sassywheelz (she/her): WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW
01:26:37 Kara Plaxa: Leave me in the dark…. Ugh, dead!
01:26:48 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Rough body play 🥵” with 👍
01:27:00 Sassywheelz (she/her): You taste like I belong on my knees
01:27:29 Lore Hershey: “You bring out the worship in me” #honestlysame #anyone
01:27:35 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “You taste like I bel…” with 💋
01:27:44 Lore Hershey: that was supposed to be #anyone?else?
01:28:11 Lore Hershey: Darby is into this one
01:28:17 Alana: Reacted to “Darby is into this o…” with 🤣
01:28:21 Lore Hershey: Replying to “Darby is into this o…” (the cat)
01:28:41 Christian Pan: Great work, @Sinclair | they/them
01:29:43 Lore Hershey: I love this one
01:30:30 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Do we know if these are published pieces?
01:30:42 Alana: Darby is killing it rn
01:30:48 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Darby is killing it …” with 😂
01:31:00 Lore Hershey: fuckkkkkkkkkkk
01:31:30 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): I’m dying.
01:31:46 Lore Hershey: Crying
01:31:51 Lore Hershey: , respectfully
01:32:00 Alana: Reacted to “, respectfully” with ❤️
01:32:16 Lore Hershey: “Letting it in is just as much work as dishing it out” – so true
01:32:34 Kara Plaxa: SO HOT
01:32:34 Lore Hershey: DESTROYED
01:32:40 Puff the Magic System (he/him): Am ded
01:32:43 elsbeth (she/her): swoooooon
01:32:44 Christian Pan: So good, @Sinclair | they/them !
01:32:49 Alana: That was incredible Sinclair!!!!
01:32:54 Lore Hershey: asklfjaslkfjalskjga;sjga;lsk;alka
01:33:00 Laurel Salvo: I wasn’t breathing until now basically
01:33:00 Faith Arrowsmith: So friggin good
01:33:06 Laurel Salvo: Jfc
01:33:10 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “I wasn’t breathing u…” with 😂
01:33:11 TJ Aluminumbrat: YAAAA Thank you for reading Sinclair <3 <3 <3
01:33:21 Lore Hershey: Replying to “I wasn’t breathing u…” Unintentional breathplay

01:33:32 Sinclair | they/them: Yu-Long Boba Baba (they/othem) is a trans man who grew up and still resides in New York City (unceded territory of the Lenape) with immigrant parents from Taiwan. They participated in GAPA’s “This is 2020,” an interdisciplinary writing workshop series that embraced the importance of representation and encouraged writing in multiple formats. They are dedicated to unlearning colonized ideas of how to relate to humans and ideas of intimacy, as informed by Kim TallBear’s “more than monogamy” practices. They write to process emotions in the formats of poetry/prose, plays, storytelling and personal narratives.
01:33:39 eli Rue: Damn that was absolutely amazing
01:33:42 Faith Arrowsmith: Also hi Darby!
01:33:42 TJ Aluminumbrat: You got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:33:49 Lore Hershey: Darby is a babe
01:33:55 Faith Arrowsmith: Yay Yu-Long!!
01:34:05 Lore Hershey: Go Yu-Long!!!!!!!
01:34:26 Lore Hershey: YESSSSSSS you get it
01:35:18 Alana: I have to go now but y’all are amazing and hot damn I won’t focus for the rest of the night!
01:35:24 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “I have to go now but…” with ❤️
01:35:26 Christian Pan: Reacted to “I have to go now but…” with 👍
01:35:28 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “I have to go now but…”
thanks for coming!!
01:35:34 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “I have to go now but…”
will post the recording in the next few weeks
01:36:01 Sinclair | they/them: darby has stolen my water
01:36:20 Sinclair | they/them: yummm ube in a waffle!
01:36:21 TJ Aluminumbrat: Replying to “darby has stolen my …”
Her water*
01:36:28 Faith Arrowsmith: Reacted to You taste like I bel… with “👆”
01:36:42 Faith Arrowsmith: Replying to “darby has stolen my …”
Everything belongs t…
01:36:43 Lore Hershey: My brain: “Waffle is a euphemism”
01:36:50 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “My brain: “Waffle is…” with ❤️
01:36:51 Christian Pan: Reacted to “My brain: “Waffle is…” with 😃
01:37:12 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “Do we know if these …”
some of them are on my instagram

the last poem I read is here:

and also on my spoken word album:

01:37:57 Lore Hershey: Waffles ARE a church service 😇
01:38:03 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Waffles ARE a church…” with ✅

01:38:33 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Waffles ARE a church…” with 😍
01:38:55 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): My baby deserves the rest. Aw. So sweet.
01:39:01 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “My baby deserves the…” with ❤️
01:39:06 Lore Hershey: A catering service 🥵
01:39:16 Lore Hershey: Replying to “A catering service �…”
01:39:25 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Thank you for all yo…” with ❤️
01:39:50 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Everything belongs t…” with 😂
01:40:02 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Thank you for all yo…” with 💯
01:40:05 Sinclair | they/them: “different kind of worship” killlllled me
01:40:15 Lore Hershey: Reacted to ““different kind of w…” with 😇
01:40:35 Sinclair | they/them: thanks so much for all the comments <3 I will read later
01:40:37 Lore Hershey: “oh no”
01:40:50 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”oh no”” with 😂
01:40:53 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “”oh no”” with ❤️
01:41:19 TJ Aluminumbrat: Love the special drawer LOL
01:41:27 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Love the special dra…” with 👆
01:41:39 Faith Arrowsmith: SPECIAL DRAWER AW YEAH
01:41:50 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “SPECIAL DRAWER AW YE…” with 😂
01:41:53 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “SPECIAL DRAWER AW YE…” with ❤️
01:41:54 Lore Hershey: If there is a special drawer in a kitchen, is it called a whisky drawer?
01:42:02 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “SPECIAL DRAWER AW YE…” with ❤️
01:42:07 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “If there is a specia…” with ✅
01:42:45 Sinclair | they/them: awwwwww 🥺
01:43:05 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “If there is a specia…”
LOL. My special drawer in the kitchen is one use appliances like a banana slicer, strawberry slicer, egg slicer. I am a sucker for one use tools like that. I love myy cherry pitter.
01:43:08 Lore Hershey: I love the number of meals in this piece *wipes mouth*
01:43:16 Lore Hershey: WOOOOOOO!
01:43:17 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Ah. Read soooooo well.
01:43:18 Sassywheelz (she/her): Yayyyyy
01:43:23 Christian Pan: Good job, @Yu-Long Boba Baba
01:43:42 Regine Reyes: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
01:43:53 TJ Aluminumbrat: YAAAAAA YU-LONG <3 <3 <3
01:44:27 Kathleen Warnock: Tobi Hill-Myer has appeared in BLE!
01:44:40 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): What a hot night!
01:44:46 Christian Pan: Reacted to “What a hot night!” with 👍
01:44:59 TJ Aluminumbrat: You got this Puff !!!
01:45:10 Lore Hershey: GO Puff!!!!
01:45:17 Yu-Long Boba Baba: Reacted to If there is a specia… with “✅”
01:45:25 Puff the Magic System (he/him): @puff_themagic_system
01:45:29 Sinclair | they/them: – Nerve Endings, Tobi Hill-Meyer
01:45:34 Yu-Long Boba Baba: Reacted to My brain: “Waffle is… with “😃”

01:45:34 Sinclair | they/them: Puff the Magic System (he/him)
Is a queer, kinky, polyamorous, and trans artist and community organizer based in “Olympia, WA” (traditional land of the Squaxin Island Tribes). They are a system (plural) as well as autistic, and disabled. They use traditional and digital media for their visual art. A longtime lover of performing arts, they are a drag performer and producer of an all trans variety show. They have recently started writing again after a long break and explore the intersections of kink, trauma healing, and gender in their erotica.
01:45:43 Sinclair | they/them:
01:46:09 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Okay, just throwing my love out there for disability pride. Lots of us representing the disability community–which is often under represented.
01:46:18 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Okay, just throwing …” with ❤️
01:46:20 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “Okay, just throwing …” with ❤️
01:46:24 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Okay, just throwing …” with 👏
01:46:26 Lore Hershey: Replying to “Okay, just throwing …”
01:46:35 Sassywheelz (she/her): Reacted to “Okay, just throwing …” with ❤️
01:46:36 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Okay, just throwing …” with ❤️
01:46:52 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Full of fire I don’t know what to do with … this is something I can totally resonate with.
01:47:17 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Full of fire I don’t…” with ❤️
01:47:53 Sinclair | they/them: Yu-Long’s OF:
01:48:10 Sinclair | they/them: oof your reading voice Puff … SO GOOD
01:48:28 Sinclair | they/them: “fight the urge to tear you apart” … 🥵
01:48:38 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Every second of you making me mine? I may have mixed up words.
01:48:50 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “oof your reading voi…” with ❤️
01:49:23 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Blue electricity … I can totally see that zapping through the air.
01:49:58 Sinclair | they/them: 🔥🥵
01:51:06 Sinclair | they/them: damnnnn
01:51:34 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Your only purpose is for my release. … Fuck that’s hot!
01:51:40 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Your only purpose is…” with ❤️
01:52:42 Faith Arrowsmith: I pretend that I don’t know that you know❤️
01:52:44 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): All melted in my bed. … Just saying, this is usually me. I can resonate with these words. LOL
01:52:53 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “I pretend that I don…” with ✅
01:52:55 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “I pretend that I don…” with ❤️
01:53:28 TJ Aluminumbrat: PUFF
01:53:29 Faith Arrowsmith: Ooooof
01:53:31 Christian Pan: Great work, @Puff the Magic System (he/him)
01:53:32 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): I love you but I won’t tell you yet. … Oh my heart!!!
01:53:38 Lore Hershey: Beautiful!!!!
01:53:48 eli Rue: Reacted to I love you but I won… with “💯”

01:53:50 Sinclair | they/them: Christian Pan ( is a bisexual writer who has published nearly 100 erotic short stories in English, Spanish, and French since 2021. Of his 8 previous books, At the End of the World won the 2023 Star Recommendation from All The Filthy Details, and was a Finalist for the 2022 Golden Pigtails Smut Award for Dark/Taboo Erotica. In addition to writing book reviews for his blog Dirty Words, he contributes to Dish Stanley’s weekly Crush Letter, hosts the Pulse Session for the monthly podcast All the Filthy Details, and organizes the Queer Erotic Content Creators Club through Patreon. He lives in New York City.
01:54:17 Faith Arrowsmith: Get outta here, feelings!! 😹
01:54:21 TJ Aluminumbrat: DANG Christian!!
01:54:26 Christian Pan: Reacted to “DANG Christian!!” with 😃
01:54:31 eli Rue: Reacted to DANG Christian!! with “😃”
01:54:46 Sinclair | they/them:
01:54:49 Faith Arrowsmith: Christian when do you sleep?!
01:54:50 Yu-Long Boba Baba: Reacted to Good job, @Yu-Long B… with “❤️”
01:54:58 Yu-Long Boba Baba: Reacted to YAAAAAA YU-LONG <3 <... with "❤️"
01:55:05 Sinclair | they/them: Desire Lines –
01:55:37 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Replying to “Christian when do yo…”
Right? and where are these stories? I think I need to practice my Spanish and reading some smut by be a great way to do that. :)
01:55:56 Sinclair | they/them: Wasted Nun –
01:56:11 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Ooooh, hot beginning …
01:56:21 Sinclair | they/them: Replying to “Christian when do yo…”
01:56:28 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “Great work, @Puff th…” with ❤️
01:56:56 Lore Hershey: Shannon def goes Commando
01:57:28 Sinclair | they/them: all Christian’s books are at !!
01:58:38 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “Shannon def goes Com…” with 👍
01:58:53 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): OH my god. @Christian Pan I adore that you addressed the yummy tummy subject. So many women, okay, me, feel so awkward with mom belly. So I love your little salute to Shannon’s yummy tummy. I suspect many women feel a bit embarrassed about their “tummies.”
01:59:01 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Shannon def goes Com…” with 👍
01:59:13 TJ Aluminumbrat: Ahh yes the tartan skirt <3
01:59:32 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “OH my god. @Christia…” with 🔥
01:59:34 Sinclair | they/them: Reacted to “OH my god. @Christia…” with ❤️
01:59:44 Sinclair | they/them: 🔥 hottttt
01:59:52 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Animal breaaths…
01:59:57 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Animal breaaths…” with 👏
02:00:34 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): EEK! Let’s see what our boys are up to.
02:00:54 Sinclair | they/them: ahhhhh
02:01:00 Sinclair | they/them: “cotton underwear to fist”
02:01:08 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “”cotton underwear to…” with ❤️
02:01:49 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Hot!!!
02:03:09 Sinclair | they/them: all Christian’s books are at !!
02:03:14 Lore Hershey: CHRISTIAN! Great job!
02:03:14 Christian Pan: Thanks!
02:03:15 Faith Arrowsmith: NOOOO CLIFFHANGER!!!
02:03:15 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): O … M … G …!
02:03:18 TJ Aluminumbrat: Eeeeeeeeee Christian !!!
02:03:29 Lore Hershey: WE BE SPRINTING
02:03:31 Faith Arrowsmith: Cruel, Christian!! 😹
02:03:36 Christian Pan: Thanks for all of the love & positive comments, everyone!
02:03:46 eli Rue: love hearing you read christian!!!
02:03:48 Christian Pan: Reacted to “CHRISTIAN! Great job…” with 👍
02:03:55 Christian Pan: Reacted to “love hearing you rea…” with 👍
02:03:55 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Yes, thank you all for the kind, kind words.
02:04:01 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “love hearing you rea…” with 👍
02:04:03 TJ Aluminumbrat: Thank you everyone <3 <3
02:04:08 elsbeth (she/her): Thank you!!! So hot.
02:04:09 Sinclair | they/them: next up: Sugar & Spice: Queer Kink Erotica Reading, Sunday, December 17, 2023, 10am PT / 1pm ET 

02:04:09 Lore Hershey: Everyone did such a beautiful, beautiful job!
02:04:13 Erika Pérez: discord link please
02:04:14 Kathleen Warnock: What an amazing reading!
02:04:14 Christian Pan: Reacted to “Everyone did such a …” with 👍
02:04:19 Lore Hershey: SO STOKED
02:04:19 eli Rue: Reacted to Everyone did such a … with “👍”
02:04:20 Sassywheelz (she/her): All the readings tonight were so great!!!! I am so happy to listen to everyone and have mind dripping.
02:04:23 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “Everyone did such a …” with ❤️
02:04:25 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Everyone did such a …” with 👍
02:04:28 Lore Hershey: Reacted to “All the readings ton…” with 🥵
02:04:33 Erika Pérez: Thank you, everyone!
02:04:35 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Reacted to “Everyone did such a …” with ❤️
02:04:37 TJ Aluminumbrat: Reacted to “All the readings ton…” with 🥵
02:04:37 eli Rue: Reacted to What an amazing read… with “💯”
02:04:51 Lore Hershey: Thank you, Sinclair and Kathleen!!! <3
02:05:13 Christian Pan: Thank you, Sinclair & Kathleen! Such a pleasure and a joy being here, sharing space with you all
02:05:14 LM D’Lishes (She/Her): Thank you Drunken! Careening! Writers!
02:05:20 Sassywheelz (she/her): Thank you Sinclair and Kathleen
02:05:26 Kathleen Warnock: Reacted to “Thank you Drunken! C…” with ❤️
02:05:32 elsbeth (she/her): Thank you!
02:05:44 Sinclair | they/them:

Special thanks to Jezebel Jett, who edited the video for public sharing!

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queers" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and they are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and they live outside Seattle as an uninvited settler on traditional, ancestral, & unceded Snoqualmie land.

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