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May 6, 2008  |  miscellany

April was incredibly busy! This past month held my 29th birthday, and the second anniversary 0f beginning to write here at Sugarbutch Chronicles. I was blogging for RAINN, I finished up the Sugarbutch Star Contest, and I started dating somebody new. I also introduced a new category, SSU, which stands for Sinclair Sexsmith University and includes slightly more formalized articles about sex, gender, & relationships.

May’s masthead is up! The quote comes from various conversations, primarily with Colleen and muse, about my gender standards. Photo taken by my younger sister in her backyard in Salt Lake City; if you look closely you can see the orbital in my ear. (The “about” page has the list of past mastheads.)




Eye Candy:


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  1. wow, what a busy month for the birthday boy. no wonder I feel like I practically lived on sugarbutch in april. xo

  2. ooh, the may masthead's the best yet, i think. it's a lovely photo! plus, sexy – orbital, butch hair, butch hand, implied butch shoulder ;)

  3. dear sinclair:

    i love you!!! holy shit gawdawmighty hotdamn ~ and so so deeply.

    Reading your blog is my boyfriend.



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