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Review: Love Bumper Iceberg

08/31/2010  |  No Comments

The Love Bumper Iceberg was not as exciting as I expected. I don't have any sex furniture, but it's making... more

Countdown to the Butch Voices NYC Conference: Four Weeks

08/27/2010  |  No Comments

I'm still on vacation. But I wouldn't deprive you of the Butch Voices countdown! Sugarbutch will resume regular posting on... more

Boxers Off! An Evening of Butch Burlesque in NYC

08/24/2010  |  No Comments

I'm going to be out of town ... so you all better go for me!Boxers Off! An Evening of... more

Oh Yeah! Butch Voices Conference in NYC

08/23/2010  |  3 Comments

So I've mentioned that the Butch Voices conferences are coming up, but I haven't actually officially done a post and... more

I’m Off to the Desert

08/23/2010  |  1 Comment

For the second year in a row, I'm heading out to the Southwest to do a week-long erotic energy retreat... more

Review: Talula

Review: Talula

08/21/2010  |  1 Comment

This is the Talula softskin dildo by the new company Vamp Silicone, who generously sent me two different cocks to... more

Review: Spur

Review: Spur

08/20/2010  |  No Comments

It's been a while since I've written a review of a cock! The Silk, since it's so non-realistic, doesn't quite... more

Femme Conference Begins Today! & Countdown to the Butch Voices Conferences

08/20/2010  |  4 Comments

It's happening right now! Well not quite right now, since it's earlier in New York City than it is over... more

Butch Brunch in Photos

08/16/2010  |  12 Comments

Butch Brunch on Saturday was a blast! Thanks to all who came. Mark the next one on your calendars: September... more

Queer Memoir/Sideshow Mashup for Butch Voices NYC

08/16/2010  |  No Comments

Butch Voices NYC Regional Conference in collaboration with Queer Memoir and Sideshow: The Queer Literary Carnival presentButch Voices Speak: A Queer Memoir/Sideshow Reading Series Mashup7pm... more