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wanna vote?

07/30/2008  |  No Comments

Ah shoot! I kept meaning to mention:Between my Sheets is holding a "top sex bloggers of 2008" poll/contest.If... more

what happened with Penny

07/30/2008  |  No Comments

We split up; we ended things a little more than two weeks ago.It's more complicated than that, but I'm... more

eye candy: noir

07/29/2008  |  7 Comments

My very own kinky queer butch top, Ferret. She likes cigars, corsetry (on me), and being called Sir. - Lemur

if I could speak

07/28/2008  |  29 Comments

If I could speak with my own voice _______________________ [ Since y'all seemed to like that last one, here's another writing... more

telling her what to wear

07/28/2008  |  15 Comments

I have in the past thought it kind of funny that girls would ask me to tell them what to... more

why not buy a new cock?

07/23/2008  |  2 Comments

So we all know I <3 Babeland, right? They are a feminist, sex-positive, not scary sex toy store that includes... more

on butch style: briefs

07/23/2008  |  21 Comments

I still remember the day I had an awakening about my underwear, much like my butch breasts / bras moment... more

call for eye candy

07/23/2008  |  3 Comments

I've had a few new Eye Candy submissions lately, but generally I'm very low.If you've got a hottie boifriend, butch... more

eye candy: work safe

07/22/2008  |  11 Comments

Ginny from Liverpool, UK writes, "Sent to brighten my day at work. But the only one of the photos that was 'work... more

review: Lipstick on her Collar

07/20/2008  |  2 Comments

The most recent Pretty Things Press anthology called Lipstick on Her Collar and Other Tales of Lesbian Lust landed on... more