eye candy: work safe

Ginny from Liverpool, UK writes,
“Sent to brighten my day at work.
But the only one of the photos that was ‘work safe.'”

12 thoughts on “eye candy: work safe”

  1. Mab says:

    *is lost in happy, happy world of drool*

  2. ay ay ay…this is going to be a good, good day for this femme…. *drool*

  3. phew! excuse me while I catch my breath!

  4. dana says:

    Dear lord, I'd love to see the ones that aren't work safe ;)

  5. AB says:

    lost my breath there for a second. delicious.

  6. Very nice. Very, very nice.

  7. Samantha says:

    Just. Perfect.

  8. Felix says:

    I'd just like to say that this hunk of gorgeousness spent the night under my roof a few Prides ago and calls me hys "Dad" ;-D.

    Looking VERY good there, my friend!! X

  9. Perdy says:

    I'd let you take me round the back of the dance hall.

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