call for eye candy

I’ve had a few new Eye Candy submissions lately, but generally I’m very low.

If you’ve got a hottie boifriend, butch buddy, best friend, drag king, or other general female masculinity photographs, and want to be featured as eye candy, email me or tag photos with “sugarbutch” on Flickr and make sure they are set to be available with a Creative Commons license.

3 thoughts on “call for eye candy”

  1. alisha says:

    I sent some yesterday! :)

  2. Hey, y'all. I'm a fat femme photographer in the Pacific Northwest, and if any of you butches/bois up in this area want to have your photo taken so you can be eye candy, PLEASE get in touch with me! It's very hard to find butches/bois willing to let me point my camera at them, which is extra disappointing because I have SO many ideas of different photos we could take. I'm especially interested in photographing a butch/femme couple in an alley, the femme against the wall with the butch leaning in…black and white, kinda grainy, high contrast, with the people in silhouette. (Sorta like the image on the cover of Patrick Califia's book, "Public Sex.") I have other ideas too, and would love to hear yours.

    I'm also debating bringing my camera to the Femme Conference…if enough people are interested, that might inspire me to bring it for sure!

    If you've been wishing you had a photograph to send in for Eye Candy, please get in touch with me! You'll be free to use the photos on MySpace/Facebook/online personals/whatever, and I'll put them in an online gallery so that you may order prints if you wish. :)

  3. Don't blame me; I sent mine in! Sent in some cereal box-tops too; where's my prize?

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