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Mentor Series #1: Dan Savage & the Savage Love Podcast

06/30/2010  |  6 Comments

If Reconciling Feminism & Sadism is something that comes up for you a lot, I'm going to give you a... more

Giveaway! Lesbian Cowboys Erotica

06/29/2010  |  27 Comments

Thanks to Cleis Press and Lambda Literary Foundation, I ended up with two copies of Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures by... more

Reconciling Feminism & Sadism

06/29/2010  |  11 Comments

From the Ask Me Anything questions from Sugarbutch's 4th anniversary: How do you reconcile your feminism with your sadism and desire... more

Sideshow Promo Images by Syd London

06/28/2010  |  7 Comments

The inimitable Syd London took some photographs of Cheryl B. and me to use for Sideshow promotion. We shot in... more

Wave Your Freak Flag at SIDESHOW! July 13th

06/28/2010  |  No Comments

Hey! Guess what! It's that time again, folks: the July SIDESHOW is just around the corner.This time, we've got an... more

I’ve Returned From the Rainy Pacific Northwest!

06/27/2010  |  4 Comments

I'm back in Brooklyn after a ten-day adventure in the Pacific Northwest. It might be the longest trip I've ever... more

Review: Lesbian Cowboys (Book)

06/18/2010  |  3 Comments

"'Cowboy' is a calling, a vocation, not a gender," starts the book Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures by Sacchi Green and... more

Review: Deluxe Packing Pouch

Review: Deluxe Packing Pouch

06/16/2010  |  4 Comments

"Excuse me, could you pass me my penis?"This is something NOBODY wants to say, especially not in a men's bathroom,... more

Anal Week Wrap-Up

06/15/2010  |  No Comments

Even though I started Anal Week way back in April, I've finally gone through all the posts and toys and... more

Review: Silk

Review: Silk

06/14/2010  |  4 Comments

Nearly six months ago, Babeland sent me the Silk anal dildo by Tantus to review while I was collecting things... more