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All Of This, Guest Erotica by A. L. Brooks

Content: marriage proposal, transmasc/femme, top surgery, daddy/girl, age play, blow job, fingering, strap-on, fucking, crying, D/s, possession. Characters are consenting adults.

Cam proposes to me in bright sunshine on a crisp spring day, down on one knee in our favorite nature reserve. When they suddenly kneel in front of me, I fear I will burst into tears before they get a word out.

“Baby, please make me the happiest person on the planet and agree to be my wife?”

My ‘yes’ is probably heard from a mile away. I didn’t know such happiness was possible.

As soon as I say ‘yes’ Cam is up on their feet, sweeping me into their arms, our tears mingling as we switch between kissing deeply and simply pressing our bodies together in as close a hug as we can manage.

“Let’s go back,” I whisper, emotion swamping me. “I need you on me. In me.”

Cam nods, their breathing ragged.

We jump into the car and Cam drives us quickly back to our hotel. Within the limitations of the front seat and Cam’s need to concentrate on the road, our hands are everywhere on each other, ramping up the tension as we drive.

It’s always like this. Hot, intense, making me ache for everything Cam can give me. Our physical relationship had originally taken time to get off the ground—my doing, mostly, after troubles in a previous relationship. Cam had been incredibly patient and understanding, but it also meant that when I was finally ready, it was the 4th of July and Christmas all rolled into one.

We had started off slow, nicely vanilla, then suddenly one weekend, when things got a little more forceful, it was as if a curtain lifted. Cam’s dominance and my submissiveness came to the fore, and we settled into our roles as if born to play them. Sometimes they are Cam, sometimes Sir, and sometimes just babe. All parts of Cam, however, are parts I desire, no matter how kinky or not.

When we arrive at the door to our hotel room Cam unlocks it with the keycard, but then steps aside to let me enter first. As I do, I stop dead in my tracks. The room is lit with only two small lamps but it’s more than enough illumination to see that there are red and white rose petals strewn everywhere. On the polished wood of the floor, on the bed, on the chaise that angles into the room from beneath the large picture window.

“When … when did you do this?” I gaze at Cam in wonder.

They quirk a smile. “Phoned the hotel just after we arrived at the reserve, while you were checking out that crappy gift shop.”

I laugh. “You were pretty sure I’d say yes, huh?”

“Just incredibly hopeful.” They blush.

“Oh my God,” I murmur, reaching for them. “You are amazing.”

We scramble to undress, throwing clothes into random corners, taking moments to touch skin that is revealed. A squeeze here, a kiss there, a caress that lingers.

Once we’re naked, Cam waits for a moment, watching me.

“What?” I ask, gently, for once not quite sure how to read their expression.

They sigh. “You will never know just how happy you have made me today.” Their voice cracks with emotion. “There literally aren’t words to explain it.”

A few tears escape their eyes. Cam likes to pretend they’re the non-emotional one in this relationship, but they definitely have their moments.

“Are you okay, baby?” I ask, stroking the side of their face.

They say nothing, and I hold them close while they continue to cry. The scars from their top surgery a few months back press into me, but they’ve already told me so many times they don’t hurt and that I shouldn’t hold back. So I don’t; I keep them close, my arms tight around them.

After a while they pull back. When they meet my eyes their expression has changed into something I have only ever seen once or twice in our relationship. It is a fierce desire that paints their face; a desire so strong that I know they have gone there in order to keep the overwhelming emotions at bay.

When Cam gets that look, I know they need to go somewhere darker, somewhere kinkier, and my breath catches in my throat at the prospect.

I meet their eye and nod. Telling them whatever it is they need right now, I will give it to them.

Cam exhales slowly. “I’m going to get you something to change into. You need to get changed while I am in the bathroom.”

They walk across the room to their deep, leather overnight bag. When they turn back to me, and I see what’s in their hands, I can’t help the quick inhale that sounds like a gasp.

I meet their eyes.

Cam is imploring me with their gaze, and I can’t say no, even as a part of me wonders just what it is about this particular kink we both can’t resist.

They walk quickly over to me and hand me the item before reaching back for their bag and striding off into the bathroom.

I am left in the middle of the room clutching the white fabric in my hand.

We have only done this once before. When it first happened, we had talked about it, agreed to it, even though both of us were uncomfortable about it.

But also unbelievably turned on by it.

It was my fault. I had read a couple of erotic short stories in a butch/femme anthology, and although I had struggled with how much I had reacted to them—never so wet in my life—I had bookmarked the pages for future masturbatory reference.

Cam had discovered my marked pages one day, and had sat themselves down to read both stories. I had retreated to another room while they did so, scared witless as to what their reaction would be.

When Cam found me, twenty minutes later, they said nothing. Instead, they reached for my hand and, after undoing the zip of their jeans, pushed my fingers into their shorts and into their extremely wet pussy.

I had looked up at them in a mixture of awe and relief, and they had smiled.

“It’s okay,” Cam had whispered, then given me a wry smile. “Well, it’s probably not okay, on a few levels, but it is okay, because we both think so. Yes?”

And I had nodded, so grateful that they understood.

Then Cam had turned up at my place the next weekend with the white article I currently hold in my hands, and we had enacted our own version of those short stories, and we had both come so hugely we had seen stars. We had both felt a modicum of shame afterwards, but a shared shame seemed less of a burden than one carried alone.

And now, clearly Cam wants a repeat. Has planned a repeat, and I don’t know how that makes me feel. Other than completely turned on again, and so I must go with my baser instinct, whatever this desire is, whatever its foundation.

The white cotton T-shirt is long enough to reach only just beneath my bare buttocks. On the front is a picture of a cartoon character, something someone considerably younger than I would find amusing. This is all part of the role.

I glance once at myself in the mirror above the desk. I look so much younger, and I shudder with something I don’t want to name or face up to.

I turn away from the mirror.

Part of me can’t quite believe this is how we are choosing to celebrate our engagement. The kinkiest, dirtiest thing we will probably ever share. And yet, there is a kind of poetry about that. This is by far the most emotional day we have shared, and it has clearly affected Cam in a monumental way. What better way to counteract that, to avoid it swamping them, than to flip to the complete opposite? Something so base, so naughty, so wrong, to offset everything that is so right about us?

And yet even this is right. We both want it; we will never deny that to each other.

Cam walks confidently back into the room. They’re wearing a plain white t-shirt over a pair of plaid pajama bottoms, the type with the open front slit for easy access.

I don’t look too closely, but the bulge of what awaits me is obvious. I shiver with the anticipation.

“You look very lovely, my sweet girl,” Cam says, as they stand a few feet away from me.

I slip so easily into my role, plastering an adoring look on my face while I make my posture as demure as possible.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I say, blushing.

“Oh, sweet girl.” Cam reaches out to stroke my jawline with one finger. “Daddy is so happy to be here with you right now. How about you come and sit with me awhile before you go to bed?”

Oh God, they’re playing this so well.

I swallow before responding. “Yes, Daddy, I’d like that.”

Cam walks to the chaise and eases down on to it. They perch languidly, surrounded by rose petals.

I can’t help my gaze being drawn to the bulge in their pajamas and my pussy gets wetter.

As I walk toward Cam, hesitantly, they smile encouragingly.

“Your hair looks lovely, my special girl,” they whisper. “Come and sit on Daddy’s lap and tell me all about how you made it look so pretty.”

I’m actually finding it hard to walk, my pussy is so swollen. I step towards them as gracefully as I can, then sit down across their lap. I wrap my arms around their shoulders, and wriggle my hips until my buttocks are sitting between their open thighs, just below the bulge of their cock.

“Oh, that feels lovely, doesn’t it, sweet girl?” Cam’s throaty voice is so convincing it makes me quiver.

I nod, pressing my face into their neck. “I like it a lot, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” Cam says, stroking my hair with one hand while the other rests on my hip. “I do like cuddling my special girl.”

“Mm,” I mumble into their neck, genuinely enjoying this cuddle, all kinkiness aside.

“So,” Cam continues, just as strongly in character. “Why did you make your hair so pretty?”

I raise my head to look at them. “For you, Daddy.” I hear the slight catch in my voice, but I’m also aware that this has an instant, gratifying effect on them.

They squeeze me a little tighter and bring me nearer, and I feel their cock press into the side of my thigh.

My pussy is gushing.

“Oh, sweet girl. Aren’t you just perfect for your Daddy.” Cam strokes my hair some more, and suddenly I am aware that their other hand is down on my thigh.

Their fingertips start stroking, ever so gently. My skin burns where they touch and my clit throbs.

“I want to be,” I say. “I want to be perfect for you, Daddy.”

Cam chuckles. “And you are, my good girl. You are perfect. Daddy loves you very much.”

“And I love you, Daddy.”

Their fingers are stroking a wider pattern now, causing the edge of the T-shirt to ride up.

I’m aching for them to get between my legs, but I know that this is their show and I must play to their timetable.

“Do you remember the last time you sat on my lap, sweet girl?”

I look at Cam and blush, like a good girl should. “I remember, Daddy.”

“Do you remember how you made Daddy very happy that day?”

“I do, Daddy.” I pause. “Do you want me to make you happy again, Daddy? Do you want to put your fingers…down there?”

Cam smiles. “Ah, sweet girl. You are always Daddy’s best girl, aren’t you?”

Their fingers have made their way between my thighs, but only halfway up, stroking the soft flesh there in small circles.

I am already squirming, aching for those fingers to finish their journey.

“But today, Daddy would like you to do something different to make him happy, okay?”

I stare at Cam, biting my bottom lip. “Okay, Daddy. I love making you happy. Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.” I hesitate, then plunge on. “I like it when your cock gets all big and you get happy.”

It’s the boldest thing I’ve said in the two times we’ve played this scenario. I hope I haven’t pushed too far too soon.

Cam groans and squeezes my thigh sharply, almost involuntarily. “Yes, I like it too when you make Daddy’s cock get big. I have a special way you can do that today, if you like?”

I nod enthusiastically.

“Good girl.” Cam motions me off their lap and throws a cushion on the floor at my feet. Suddenly I know what they want me to do and I’m in danger of coming before they’ve even touched me.

“This is for you, my sweet girl. You can kneel on it in front of me, and it will make sure your knees don’t get too sore as you make Daddy happy.”

I am almost panting with want. Oh God, how long is Cam going to string this out? They could fuck me right now and I would come instantly. But I know that isn’t what it’s about for them. It’s about the role, the patience, the drawing out of the pleasure.

Cam shuffles forward on the chaise, pulling me down to kneel in front of them.

I sit back on my haunches. “What do I do, Daddy?” I ask coyly, my voice only just above a whisper. “How do I make you happy this time?”

They smile and reach for one of my hands from where they sit clasped gently in my own lap. They tug and I move my hand hesitantly, trying not to be too eager, trying to be the demure good girl I am supposed to be.

“First,” Cam says, pulling my hand nearer to their crotch. “First you need to take Daddy’s cock out of his pajamas.”

I nod and reach forward, slipping my relatively small hand into the gap that’s opened in their pajama pants. The dildo is warm from Cam’s body heat and, from the feel of it, is one of our larger ones. I grasp it lightly with my fingers and tug.

“Yes, that’s it. Gentle now.” They lean back a little, breathing heavily. “Pull Daddy’s cock out now.”

I use my other hand to ease the pajama opening wider and slowly pull their cock free of its confines. It is indeed one of our larger ones. Black, smooth, over seven inches long and nearly two inches in girth at the base. Oh God, just the thought of that filling me…

“Like this, Daddy?” My voice is so husky it’s unrecognizable.

“Oh yes.” Cam’s eyes are half-lidded. “That’s perfect, my good girl.”

I pull it completely clear.

“Now, sweet girl. Daddy’s best girl.” Cam’s voice is even lower. “Can you lean forward and lick Daddy’s cock? Lick it like an ice cream?”

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck.

Cam saying those words, in that dirty tone, has me squeezing my thighs together to stop my orgasm. I may actually have to let myself come straight away to be able to get through this, but I know that would disappoint them, and that’s one thing I never want to do.

I bend at the waist, still grasping their cock in one hand. I can smell Cam once I’m closer. Their scent is intoxicating.

I slowly run my tongue up from the base of their cock to the tip.

They let out a tortured moan.

I lift my head and meet their eyes. “Like that, Daddy?”

Cam nods, their breathing uneven, and they place one hand gently on the back of my head.

“That’s perfect. Good girl.” They press their hand firmly into the back of my head, bringing my lips back to the tip of their cock. “Now, to make Daddy really happy, can you open your mouth, please? Open it as wide as you can?”

I nod, trying to control my breathing, steady the pulsing of my clit. I let them push my head down as I open my mouth wide, let them push their cock slowly into my mouth, almost to my throat.

“Close your mouth, sweet girl.” Cam stares down at me. “Close your mouth so my cock is inside.”

I comply, and they groan loudly. I love what this is doing to them.

To both of us.

Cam slowly starts fucking my mouth, using their hand to bring my head closer, to force their cock deeper into me, but always managing to steer clear of gagging me.

I’ve sucked them off on a number of occasions, usually kneeling submissively while Sir stands above me, and I have been adamant about not being deep-throated. Cam remembers that now, even in the throes of a play that has clearly consumed them, and I love them even more for that consideration.

“Oh yes.” Cam works their cock faster in and out of my mouth. “You like Daddy’s cock in your mouth, don’t you, sweet girl? You like making Daddy happy, don’t you?” Their voice is strained and breaking with their arousal.

I try to nod, but it’s not possible with the force of them fucking my mouth. It probably doesn’t matter though. Cam is lost, gone into their own world where I am merely their sweet plaything and it doesn’t matter one iota what I say, as long as I keep sucking their cock like the good girl that I am.

And so I do, reaching out with both hands to grab their hips, pulling them deeper into me, letting them fuck me so fast it’s actually hurting my jaw. But I’ll take it, because I will always take what they do to me. This is how much I love them, will always love them.

“Oh yes,” Cam growls, pumping hard. “Daddy loves fucking his sweet girl’s mouth. Daddy loves it when he comes in—” They break off with a strangled cry, their orgasm slamming into them, thrusting their hips upwards so that this time I do have to back off in case they choke me.

They relax their hold on the back of my head, giving me the room, still wonderfully aware of my needs amongst the thrashings of their own climax.

As it calms, they loosen their hold on my head completely and gently nudge my chin with the back of one hand, telling me I can sit back.

The dildo releases from my mouth with a wet pop.

Cam’s breathing is slowing and their eyes are closed.

In comparison, my breathing is getting heavier. I desperately want them fucking me. I want to be impaled on their big cock, but I don’t know if we are still in role, so I don’t want to screw this up by blurting out what I want and ruining it for them.

Cam opens their eyes after taking one last deep breath. They look at me and I see the shame start to appear, and I don’t want them to feel that. Not now. This was consensual. We both wanted it. Even if we never do this again, I won’t have them feeling shame for it today.

They open their mouth to speak and I am sure the first word will be ‘sorry’, so before they can form it with their lips I place my hand carefully across their mouth.

“Don’t be sad, Daddy,” I say, and Cam heaves in a ragged breath. “I liked it, Daddy. I liked it a lot,” I whisper, all demure again.

“Did you, sweet girl?” They almost sob. “Did you?”

And I know behind their broken words Cam is speaking, not Daddy, and they are so grateful for what I am saying, for removing their shame.

I nod vigorously. “I always like making you happy, Daddy. Always.”

“Oh, my sweet girl.” Cam pulls me close, up on my knees, pressing me against their chest as they wrap their arms around me and kiss all around my hairline. They rub their fingertips along my jawline, pushing one fingertip against my lips, which are swollen from sucking their cock so hard. I tremble at the touch. “And are you happy, sweet girl? Are you feeling okay?”

I offer a small shake of my head. “I…I don’t think so, Daddy,” I say, almost petulantly. “It’s wet down there, Daddy, and…and I want to do that nice thing we did last time, Daddy.”

Cam shudders. “What nice thing would you like to do, sweet girl?” Their voice is a jagged whisper full of longing and need.

“I want Daddy to put his cock in me. I want Daddy to fuck me.”

Their groan fills the room, and suddenly they’re hauling me up. “On your hands and knees, sweet girl. Let Daddy fill that sweet pussy of yours.”

I’m literally shaking with need as I climb onto the chaise and get into position, my knees wide, wet cunt thrust up in the air for their viewing pleasure.

“Oh, you are so ready, aren’t you?”

“Please, Daddy! Please put it in me!” God, who am I? Where does all this come from?

The next moment I don’t care about the origins of this dirty play because Cam is right behind me, their cock nudging at my cunt.

Then they push roughly forward, ramming their cock deep inside me.

I cry out, the pleasure-pain so fulfilling it’s enough to bring me to tears of pure joy.

“Okay, sweet girl? Does Daddy’s cock feel good inside you like this?” Cam thrusts, pumping in and out.

“Yes, Daddy. Oh God, Daddy, don’t stop!”

It is all I have been waiting for the past twenty minutes or so. I can’t get enough of that cock inside me. God knows I am open enough to take it all now, however fast and hard Cam wants to fuck me.

“Oh yes, good girl. That’s it, let Daddy fuck your wet pussy with his big cock.”

I thrust back as Cam shoves forward and the combined action sinks their cock so deeply into my cunt the harness presses tight against the skin of my ass.

“Oh yes!” Cam cries. “Oh yes, Daddy’s girl is so good. Fuck Daddy’s cock, sweet girl. Fuck Daddy’s big cock.”

They grab hold of my hips and we begin a brutal fucking, me working with them to keep their thrusts going as deep as possible. I am dripping with sweat, my arms and thighs burning from the energy I am expending but I am loving, absolutely loving every moment of this fuck. I’m zoning into a place where it is purely my cunt and their cock, and the exquisite sensations that are ripping through me.

When I come, I howl like an animal.

Cam cries out something indecipherable, then drapes their body over mine, pushing my head into the pillows, thrusting deep for one last time and then staying there buried deep inside me.

I feel the tears start, and I can’t stop them once they come.

Cam kisses all the parts of my skin they can reach before easing out of me. They gently push me down onto the chaise, then roll me over. I am boneless; they have to do all the work.

Then their mouth is on mine, kissing me so sweetly. “I love you,” they say. “Oh God, I fucking love you so much.”

I look up into their eyes and I see all of them.

Cam; Daddy; Sir; babe. They are all of this.

And I am theirs.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queers" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and they are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and they live outside Seattle as an uninvited settler on traditional, ancestral, & unceded Snoqualmie land.

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  1. mooselk says:

    I found your website by luck when looking for “butch erotica” last month and have come here every horny day since. No more pornhub for me!! I’ve finally found the queer sex I’m looking for. This is one of the stories I keep coming back to. It turns me on so, so, much, and I feel a little gross about myself for it. But seeing the characters work through it while also being so turned on is helpful. It feels real. I’ve never had sex like this before but reading them do it makes me want it so fucking badly.

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