with what and where would you like to be spanked?

Naked before me in the middle of our living room, blindfolded and tied to a chair, her delicate toes gracing the insides of my favorite shoes, her beautiful ass raised high in the air. I had left any sense of my integrity at the door.

Yeah, I felt like shit. But I couldn’t take anything back. Not a fuckin’ thing. And the thought of this made me whack her hard with that skateboard, landing just underneath her ass on the meaty part of her thighs. She cried out this time, without a saucy backup line to follow. The cry teetered between pleasure and pain, a perfect balance of both. I needed to do it again. Swinging the board up high, I aimed at the dead center of her buttocks and caught it just right. This caused the entire chair to move, and the flesh on her ass sprang back and forth again. A rush of air escaped from Logan’s lungs.

– from Logan by Rosalind Christine Lloyd

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new anthology Spanked is out and making the blog rounds on a blog book tour – and today is my day.

I have all sorts of elaborate notes for an article that includes my review, but I was at the Femme Conference in Chicago all weekend and am today so exhausted and catching up on work that I will not have time to write all three parts.

On the plus side, one of the reasons that I’m so exhausted is because I was up until past the sunrise on Saturday night (Sunday morning), and had the opportunity to flog the cutest cheerleader wearing a gorgeous pinup-style bathing suit over the edge of a hotel bed.

So until I can get a little more caught up, consider this the introduction to the upcoming series of posts on reading pansexual erotica anthologies, smut, and this spanking anthology in particular. The other parts go like this:

  1. The Suspension of Heterosexual Belief
  2. The Ick Factor
  3. Review of the pansexual erotica anthology book “Spanked”

Since I don’t have much to review today, Rachel says I can give away one copy of the book, so here’s what you gotta do to win it:

Leave me a comment and tell me either:

  1. a great place you were spanked
  2. a great implement with which you were spanked
  3. somewhere you’d like to be spanked
  4. something with which you’d like to be spanked

UPDATE: I really didn’t mean to make this so damn bottom-centric. Actually as the results came in, I kept thinking, where are the tops? Then I re-read and realized oops, it is quite pointed toward bottomy answers. So, you of course can also respond by saying:

  1. a great place you spanked someone
  2. a great implement with which you spanked
  3. somewhere you’d like to spank someone
  4. something with which you’d like to spank

I guess I am a little bottom-centric at times, oops. But I don’t mean to be! I was dashing this off as fast as I could while at work today and didn’t write through all the options. It’s just cause I was salivating at the idea of reading some great bottoming stories … but of course, top perspectives on the spanking stories are so welcome too!

So, leave me your comments and I’ll get a guest judge to help pick the hottest answer tomorrow.

Don’t be shy; just give me the first one that comes into your head. It doesn’t have to be long – just a few lines of the key details.

Keep following the Spanked book tour as it makes the rounds. The book also has it’s own blog, and tomorrow’s review will be at Breathing In and Breathing Out.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queers" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and they are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and they live outside Seattle as an uninvited settler on traditional, ancestral, & unceded Snoqualmie land.

20 thoughts on “with what and where would you like to be spanked?”

  1. tony says:

    i haven't had a lot of experience with kink (yet!), but the story of my first public play experience is a pretty fantastic story. i had traveled to NYC for my birthday, and the weekend i was there just so happened to coincide with a SPAM party, so my group of friends and i decided to go. i'd never been to any sort of play/sex party, and i'm really effing shy, so i spent a good portion of the evening as a wallflower, watching the goings on.

    i'd been there for an hour or so when this pair of cute butches came over to me and we started chatting. you know, general pleasantries (where are you from? what do you do? etc etc) which inevitably lead to talk of sexy things. i was being cruised! and i was completely oblivious. as we were talking, their friend came over, and she was wearing the most fantastic outfit – a corset made from carhartt overalls – and she had one of those huge paint-stirrers from homo depot in her hands. the butches asked me what kind of stuff i enjoyed, and being shy + nervous + unexperienced, i mentioned that i'd liked being spanked in the past.

    one of them took me by the hand and lead me to the women/trans side of the party, and had me bend over one of the benches. we did a little negotiation, the girl in the corset gave me the heads up on red/yellow/green , said she'd be checking in with me throughout, and wanted me to fill her in on the intensity of the swats with a 1-10.

    she started out very softly, warming up my skin with gentle pats that gradually increased in strength and determination. her butch friends were on either side of me, whispering in my ears and rubbing my head and back.

    swat-swat-swat-swat-SWAT! she'd ask me how i was doing, i'd say a number "4 or 5", and she and her friends would announce my status to the other folks in the room. at one point she took the paddle and slid it between my legs, brushing against my dick.

    "how does that feel?" she said. "gooooood", i mumbled. "he said that one was good!" she laughed, and i remember hearing laughter from the bystanders.

    the spankings were coming harder and harder at this point, and one of the butches on either side of me started growling into my ear, and biting the back of my neck which felt amazing. the other one i think was scratching down my back, but my memory is pretty hazy. eventually she swatted me and i called out a 10, and slowly collapsed in a heap on the bench, surrounded by the 3 of them.

    the 3 of them found me before they left for the night, and the girl in the corset gave me the paint stirrer as a memento of our scene together. i'm just glad it fit into my luggage!

  2. Lilly says:

    My recent HNT is all about my spanked red ass. Went to visit a new blogger friend in NYC, he's a big fan of scrabble, and I had the idea to let him spell out things on my body and take pics for me. He had spanked my ass earlier – on my hands and knees on his couch, in full view of anyone outside that would purposely look towards his window.

    For the photos tho, it was spanking with a purpose. He did a great job of landing in just about the same spots on my ass, leaving a handprint. Ya know like those plaster-of-paris handprints we all did as kids at camp? Lol. like that.

    I want to be spanked properly. Over someone's knees, so their leg gets damp from me being wet.

  3. The cheerleader with the pin-up bathing suit getting spanking leaning over a hotel bed at the Femme Conference will be hard to beat (pun intended!)

    I'm dying to hear how the conference was, since I couldn't go. Would love to hear reactions about the event from femmes and others who attended!

    [Good point – I'll see if I can't do a blog roundup, I'll note them when I see them. If you see other writeups of the femme conference, let me know? and hey, where's your best spanking story? – ss]

  4. leo says:

    damn, that book sounds really sexy. but i've got nothing! no answers to your questions.

    confidential to freedomgirl: i'd pay *very close* attention if you were to answer #3 or #4…

  5. miss sunday says:

    The most recent spanking I received was on my lover's Birthday. She requested that I present myself in a bow as her present. So I spent weeks putting together a sexy outfit, black lace bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, borrowed red patent leather pumps (thanks Belle!).

    I wore a black wrap dress tied with… a bow :) She had me deliver the toys she desired, lube, dick, paddles (last birthdays gifts, a tan riding crop style paddle and a heavy black leather one with holes for areo-dynamics), crash pad porn, ball gag, etc.

    On time I delivered the birthday bag and we spent a while feeling each other out as strangers. Finally kissing and throwing ourselves into many little scenarios, finally getting to the bedroom were she had me stand naked holding onto her sex swing stand (I know!… . She says to me, I want you to wish me Happy Birthday Master, every time I spank you.

    This is of course after she took the ball gag out of my mouth. Then, taking the smaller tan paddle, she began around of starter hits. Just enough to redden my skin. Every time she hit I would yell, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASTER', over and over. Finally she took out the big daddy paddle and said, I'm turning 28 so I should give you 28 hits. Then I'm going to fuck you in the swing. I was so hot and bothered by now, falling down a hot tunnel of sex and pain. She landed blow after blow, me still screaming her happy birthdays. Finally I was beginning to break and my eyes welled up with tears. When she was good and ready she took me down and held me in her arms. Running her hands over my bruised and puffy ass. After I had calmed down enough, she hung up the swing… and well, my ass felt amazing being pounded into the seat ( It was a great birthday.

  6. That would be great if you could do a blog round-up, Sinclair, thanks. As for my spanking story, sorry to get your hopes up. I'm not being coy or shy, I swear. A good spanking while wearing my stilettos is a pleasure I have yet to experience. BTW have you seen that I succumbed to temptation and started my own blog?!

  7. Renee says:

    My girlfriend spanked me in a canoe once, with a wooden oar, on a small pond deep in the woods of Maine… long story short, we were on summer vacation. The whole "Deliverance" aspect of it was very kinky, I must say, and we proceeded to "rock the boat" (if you know what I mean). Ever have sex in a canoe? If not, I highly recommend it, although it does take a bit of balance, if you're up for the challenge. ;)

  8. Kelley O says:

    Years ago, my lover made what came to be called The Wicked Stick. A 12 inch long dowel, sanded and varnished and imbued with love, which he used to inflict the most gorgeous bruises on my ass the first time we were together. I was up so high on being with him that I was completely surprised when, the next morning, he said, turn around and look in the mirror. Ah, good times.

  9. Joy says:

    It's not precisely spanking, but two months ago, I had a phenomenal flogging. It was at a local fetish event, goth music blaring in the background. I was strapped to the cross, in my bra and skirt, and the Magician was flogging me. This was the first night he ever used his rabbit-fur flogger on me. It packed more punch than I expected, and the softness was delightfully sensual. I felt myself flying off, faster than normal, into That Space. After I was thoroughly warmed up, and squirming for something more, he picked up the deerskin flogger he loves so much for its weight and heft. The first hit sent me all the way out, out to th boundaries of my usual Liminal Space. As it continued, I found myself going somewhere new. Suddenly, each hit was not just a meditative, pleasure-pain intensity, but a straight-to-the-cunt jolt of desire. I found myself moaning, whimpering, squirming – all but coming, right then and there. In public. He leaned in, checking with me, and all I could do, all I could say was "Pleeeease bite me." And he did, hard, on the shoulder. The kind of deep, penetrating bite that is a near substitute for the profound satisfaction of orgasm, of fucking.

  10. Better late than never, right?

    First spanking: my 30th birthday, our apartment in the UK. My gf had a gleam in her eye that morning and dealt me a few. I said 'are you going to give me all 30?' she said 'not yet'. Throughout the day she kept me going, a few more at a time. I got the rest of them about 10 minutes before our dinner guests were supposed to show up that evening — she threw me down on the bed and let me have it.

    I was wetter than I'd ever been in my whole life; she pulled down my jeans and plunged three fingers into me and I came almost instantly. Just in time for dinner.

    something I'd like to be spanked with? a book.

  11. oh yeah, and outside next to a bonfire, under the stars.

  12. linaria says:

    once, a few years ago, I was taking a walk downtown with my lover and it was one of those beautiful warm summer nights, sometime a little after 11pm. cicadas, traffic, stars. we took the back ways behind some shops, little alleys, and ended up in a small grassy area behind a large Catholic church in the middle of downtown. one of those intimidating stone buildings that's twice as big at night, which you never really walk too close to unless you happen to be the kind of person who goes to services. which I'm not. so it was memorable—-the feeling of that stone against my cheek, my skirt piled around my hips, the air against my ass ( and the absolute terror of wondering if we were being watched by a hobo). I've been spanked a lot by a fair number of people but I don't think I've ever had a spanking as interesting as that one…yet.

  13. saintchick says:

    Here is a very condensed version.

    my ex had to work late one evening at school, so I thought I would surprise her by showing up. Her fave black dress, no undergarments except for the black and red garter, and black patten leather stilettos. Knocked on her classroom door and walked in, she was expecting me and from the look on her face I was in for some trouble. We made some small talk, and by small talk I mean she grabbed my hair and brought me close to her. Her lips barely touching my ear, telling me the exact things she had in store for me. I had only one rule to follow since I had already been a good girl. It was not to look back. With that said I pretty much flung myself onto her desk, knocking off books, term papers, paper clip holders. She lifted my dress just so my cheeks were visble. Then I heard it, the sound of her opening her desk drawer. My legs started to quiver. I knew better to look back, but I so wanted to see the look on her face. She then placed her hand on the middle of my back to hold me down, and I felt the ruler graze my cheek. She then began alternating between the wooden ruler and her hand. She has this way about her. She would bring me just to the edge when I thought I could not take anymore and then would bring me down gently just to work me up all over again. Once she admired her work and let her fingertips move over the fresh

    red marks, she let me up. With one long deep kiss, and one perfectly placed hand I came. On her and her desk. It was one of the best times ever. Once I straightened out her desk, wiped her desk off (Thank God for Clorox wipes). I kissed her goodbye and just walked out of the classroom. As my stilettos clicked down the hall, a smile on my face, the security guard just looked up at me and managed to say nnnnight ma'am.

  14. Thanks for sharing….

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