What’s in our sex den? Books, of course.

“I wonder if anyone will notice that our videos have the same background?”

“Well, I mean, we do live together.”

“Right, it’s not like it’s scandalous. You’d just have to be really paying attention to the details.”

“I love that we keep all the books in the bedroom. It’s such a sex den.”

“Haha yes! The reading nook, the alter, the huge bookshelf, the meditation setup, the sacred objects storage shelves, and then the sex toy shelves and the bed. Sex plus den.”


Welcome to the Submissive Playground! from Sinclair Sexsmith

the GENDER book Fundraising Update! from the GENDER book

3 thoughts on “What’s in our sex den? Books, of course.”

  1. JacksofHearts says:

    Goatee ftw!!! A+++

  2. yarrow says:

    i totally noticed the goatee. i think it’s cute. and i would love to read a post about where you’re at with that. also i wish i could make out more of the titles on the books behind you.

  3. Claire says:

    I’m picking up what you are putting down with that goatee Sexsmith! Rife: $50,000 OR BUST! (Though I guess not really “bust” since at this point in time the project is past the 15k mark, WOOT!) Can I also say that y’all have a fabulous taste in bookshelf? Love it when I have fast enough net to watch the videos :)

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