Happy birthday, Kristen!

May 21, 2009  |  journal entries

Today is Kristen’s 26th birthday! She’s planning a very elaborate 5-course meal for some of her favorite people this weekend (she is quite the top in the kitchen, remember) and I get to play bartender, so I spent some time researching the appropriate wine pairings. The signature cocktail of the evening will be a dirty slut birthday girl gimlet. (It was a dirty dirty dirty martini, but since the cocktail hour is coming after dinner and before dessert, we decided the extra-spicy olives and pickles she likes in her martinis wouldn’t go that well with the almond birthday cake with sherry-lemon buttercream icing. So, gimlet. I’ll share the recipe if it turns out perfectly.)

I’ve got some secret plans for the weekend, too, which definitely includes birthday spankings, gifts, and a few other things …

Game On by Jack Vettriano, one of my favorite artists

Happy birthday, baby. I’m so glad I get to celebrate this day with you, and so glad you’re with me. I’ve never had it so good, it just keeps building and building, getting better and better – I know how lucky I am, and I am so grateful. Hope this day is joyous in every way.

Wish her a happy birthday for me, willya? She is a huge part of why the smut writing has been so good lately, after all …

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  1. Wow, I love that picture. Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm quite sure you'll have a delightful weekend the pair of you! Happy Birthday and have fun fimg x

  3. Happy birthday, Kristen! I hope your weekend is as amazing as it sounds. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Kristen! Also that martini sounds like it's part snack part drink! lol

    That photo is great, too.

  5. Happy Birthday Kristen, have a wonderful time.

  6. Happy Birthday Kristen! Enjoy your fabulous meal and drinks! Sounds like it will be a wonderful time!


    The ladies of HM4Her

    ps. you share a birthday with Belladonna! Lucky you!

  7. happy birthday, kristen!!! :)

  8. Oh, this is so delightful! Sigh. Happy Birthday, Kristen! And Happy Cock(tails), Sinclair!

  9. Wow, that sounds fun.

    Happy day, Kristen!

  10. Happiest of birthday days!

    I hope it is everything you could hope for and more!

  11. Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true ;)

  12. Happy birthday, muse of my favorite smut writer. ;)

  13. Happy birthday Kristen! Sounds like you have an amazing weekend in store. Enjoy it!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Kristen.

    I hope your birthday turns out to be a grand success!


  15. I hope this day is filled with laughter and love. Happy Birthday, Kristin!

  16. Happy birthday ya’ little minx – thanks for giving Sinclair so much to think about. I’m sure he needs the exercise. ;)

  17. you are both very lucky to have each other. Have an excellent time. Happy
    birthday, Kristen :-)

  18. Happy Birthday Kristen!!

    You don’t need wishes for a sexy birthday, it sounds like you’re already there. Have a great birthday dinner, and I want to see pics of the flowers!

  19. With a birthday date that is within 24 hours of the Goddess of all things Sparkley and Fabulous (Cher, obviously) and with the way Sin goes on and on and on and on… and on about you – I am quite certain, without personal proof (yet) that you are with out a doubt quite a fabulous lady. I very much look forward to meeting you. Until then, happiest birthday to you, Miss Kristen!

  20. Happy B-day! Enjoy it thoroughly!

  21. happy birthday kristen lovely

  22. Happy birthday Kristen! Thanks for causing the influx of lovely lovely smut! Hope your day is wonderful!

  23. happy birthday! hope it was swell – i want to hear how the cocktail and cake turned out =)
    p.s. what a picture!

  24. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!!


    A femme stranger/voyeur who knows an astonishing amount about your sex life! (It's cool, I date a famous butch top too. If the winds of the small queer world ever blow us together I will buy you a spicy cocktail and we can swap war stories.)

    For what it's worth – I'm awfully glad the rest of us keep getting to read about you – you add a nice touch to the place.

    I hope the coming year brings you everything you need, most of the things you want and the chance to dream even bigger for the year after. xoxoxo

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