Review: Butch Jamie (film)

I watched Butch Jamie recently – you can imagine why I was intrigued, there are so few butches on screen, at all!, that I like seeing my kind represented and tend to seek out the queer films anyway, so of course I picked it up. And by picked it up, I mean, Wolfe Video was kind enough to send one to me.

Here’s the trailer:

Cute, right? And I stand by my original impulse – it’s really fun to see a butch in a film. I’m pretty critical of film in general, especially queer films, so I definitely have some criticisms of the way the plot developed. Some of it was just silly and unbelievable, in a kind of annoying way. But I actually really enjoyed Jamie’s roommate, I thought her character had probably the most integrity.

Have you seen this film? What’d you think?

4 thoughts on “Review: Butch Jamie (film)”

  1. SBJ says:

    It looks freaking adorable. Give it!

  2. genderkid says:

    The trailer is hilarious! "Look at these pecs"

  3. thetotalfemme says:

    Ok, sure, parts of it are silly, but how often do you see a fully realized femme on film (Jamie's aforementioned roommate)? And the writing was pretty good and the dialogue, and the actors could act — hey, right there (alas) we're head and shoulders above lots of queer films!

    In other queer film news, my Beau and I just saw "Line of Beauty" which is about a young gay man in London in the early 80s — *really* well acted and very interesting. He ends up living with a rich Tory family (the husband is in the government), the family of a school friend. Check it out!


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