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Got a question? Something not right in your love life? Questions about butch identity? Go ahead! I try to get to your questions on Sugarbutch in the ask me anything tag, and I’m always interested in Q&A column-style prompts. Please ask your question as succinctly as possible, as shorter questions (2-4 sentences) will be more likely to be answered.By submitting the question this way, you are agreeing that Sinclair can reprint your question on this or other websites, omitting any identifying details.

IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE PASSWORD to the protected posts, I’m sorry. It should be in your email archive, unless you’ve deleted everything from me. Search for “[email protected]” or “[sbc] newsletter” and the password should be in the footer of each of the newsletters I’ve sent out. If you still can’t find it, go back to the subscribe to the mailing list page and put in the email address that you used to subscribe to the mailing list. You should get to a “Whoa there, cowboy. You’re already on the mailing list!” page, and that page will also have the password. Please DO NOT ask me for the password here.

This is only for questions, requests for advice, puzzlings that you’d like me to respond to. Please DO NOT submit ad queries, responses to blog posts, or requests for workshops here. Please use the general contact form here for that: About & Contact (scroll to the bottom).

Psst… do you want a guaranteed response?

Or a speedy response? I offer coaching sessions for that.

Unfortunately, I get too many questions in this box to answer them all. Plus, some people just would rather spill their guts privately. I get it. That’s why I started offering my advice and counseling on-demand for those who’d like it the most. My rates are $125/hour for Skype or phone sessions. We can make it a regular thing, if you want, or just a troubleshooting quickie- your call. You can learn more about it over at Look forward to hearing from you!

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