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Cock Confidence: The RodeoH Slyder (Review)

I’m obsessed.

Look, the dildo market for the past twenty years has been a wild ride. In the late 90s, when I started buying dildos, the only options were bright colors, non-realistic shapes, and extra hard silicone. (Oh how I wish I still had that dildo shaped like a dolphin! Or the line of astrology-based dildos! The ram for my sign, Aries, made for an excellent corona.)

Then came dual density, and Vixen Creations and New York Toy Collective changed the game. Suddenly, there was soft, squishy silicone available, still hard enough to fuck with, and even some that were bendable enough to pack and play.

But now, it’s getting even more elaborate, with dozens of prosthetics on the market aimed at trans men, and the entree of TRIPLE density dildos. (I’m working on a more elaborate write-up of all of these options, with links and and a guide, but that’s taking some time.)

Even so, there are some features of a factory-installed dick that we haven’t quite yet figured out how to reproduce in silicone like movable foreskin, or ejaculation. There are more and more options for pissing through, more realistic balls, more sensation for the wearer, and even dildos that can pack and then play (though they don’t exactly “get hard,” but at least they’re comfortable enough). We’re getting closer, for sure.

Speaking of movable foreskin: Remember this review of the “King Cock” by DocJohnson? Yeah, no. That one really didn’t hold up. The material is terrible and just continued to be terrible. It has such a strong off-gassing smell, even now, two years later, that I would not want it to be in anyone’s mouth because of the smell, and if I don’t want it in someone’s mouth, I definitely don’t want it in any other holes. I was skeptical of their material, but the appeal of movable foreskin was just too tempting.

Enter: Slyder by RodeoH

You probably know RodeoH — they make the strap-on harness briefs that made a huge splash ~15 years ago. Well, they’re making dildos now, and some of them are not only hyper-realistic, but have some incredible features I rarely see anywhere else.

Like for example: movable foreskin, and floating balls. Check it out.

I ordered one immediately.

(If you, like me, are running to the “buy now” button, please use this affiliate link and get 10% off — I’ll get a small kickback, too.)

Y’all. The skin slides! The balls feel so right and realistic. It quickly rose to my top favorite dicks ever. I haven’t even had it for very long — usually I like to test things out in a variety of conditions before I review them, but I just can’t wait to tell you about this one.


Dimensions: 7″ shaft x 1.5″ at tip – 1.75″ at base diameter
Materials: 100% Silicone, Water Based Lubricant (interior)

Let’s have some photos!


    True to its name, the Slyder Plus Realistic Dual Density Dildo is designed with sliding “skin” on the surface of the shaft AND floating balls for the ultimate in realistic detailing.

    This extremely vivid dildo has a dual density shaft consisting of a firm-core with a squeezably soft exterior. Natural folds and skin texture are highlighted by hyper realistic painting giving this dildo the ultimate in realism.

    Harness compatible, this dildo features a flat pliable base that bends to the curves of the body while being super supported in a harness.

    This dildo is composed of a thin layer of silicone over a firm silicone center. In order for the “skin” to slide it has a liquid water based lubricant between the layers. This is a new technique in silicone design – treat with care.

    To avoid unnecessary friction on the thin exterior, always use with a WATER BASED lubricant and/or water based lubricated condom on the surface.

Use this affiliate link to sign up on RodeoH and get 10% off when you go buy the Slyder.

The Slyder by RodeoH was purchased by me for review. This post contains some affiliate links which will give me a small kickback (points, to be redeemed for discounts) at no additional cost to you. Please support a queer trans artist (me!) by using those affiliate links. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Cock Confidence: The RodeoH Slyder (Review)”

  1. jc :) says:

    i. am. just. so. curious.
    seems like the outer layer could tear quite easily, no? i must confess i tend to be lazy with lube so this one may not be for me. curious about your thoughts on the slider feature & sustainability of the skin

    1. We’ll find out — I suspect you’re right, that it might tear, since the softer silicone like Vixskin can tear and this is even thinner than that. It’ll need some ongoing TLC for sure. Ask me in a year or two and let’s see how much use it gets and what condition it’s in then.

      The slider feature is great. It doesn’t slide all the way to the corona, so it feels like it just kind of stops a little awkwardly at the top, but perhaps it’s done that way on purpose, not sure.

  2. Carly says:

    Is the shaft measurement the insertable length or is it along the top of the shaft to the base?

  3. Manyworlds says:

    I super don’t understand how the balls work with a harness ring. Do you stuff them through? Is there some other harness style that makes it work?

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