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In Search of A Magic Carpet Sex Toy

A few months ago, a friend came to me with a mysterious sex toy and wanted to know if I knew what it was, or, perhaps more importantly, where to get another one. All they knew is that it was probably called something like a ‘magic carpet.’

I did some deep, deep diving into the internet, and I found a reference to a magic carpet from a 1992 article

[image text:] Wildlife was a little lukewarm about what she called “esoteric” sex toys. Like vibrating eggs. And strings of beads that could be inserted into orifices and pulled out. She also had a little maroon-colored pad that reminded me of a flat sponge for washing Teflon or a shoe insert to kill odor and prevent bunions. She called it a “magic carpet” and said it was good for a particular kind of stimulation somewhere, but I didn’t catch it exactly.

… but I could not find this toy. Don’t you want it though!? I got invested in having one for myself as I was researching it. After some pinging of various sex toy aficionados, Metis Black from Tantus recognized it!

It was made by D4D (Dils 4 Does) and you can even read some of that in the picture… and I agree it was a Magic Carpet. It was a brilliant toy to wear when you were strapping on a harness. You wore the small toy inside you against the harness with the “carpet” rubbing your clit. Meanwhile you would of course put another dildo in the harness for the partner you were penetrating.

Unfortunately, with the realization that it was Dils 4 Does brand, we also realized that it’s not being made any more. So, after figuring out the first part of the clue, the next question was: is there any other option? Is there anything still being made that would be a similar design?

Here’s some ideas:

Bumpher Dildo Base

Royale Mustang

Fuze Velvet

Rubbies Max

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

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