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Cock Confidence: Zoro, by Perfect Fit

Zoro is a one-piece strap-on. The silicone is molded to fit the body’s pelvic contour, and it features a protrusion (5.5″), plus a hole underneath (good for accessing what’s underneath, or putting something through).

It comes with an elastic waistband — it won’t really work in other harnesses, but it doesn’t need to, because the jock strap style elastic is as comfy as wearing underwear. The site says the waistband is for all gender wear, and it fits waist sizes 24-40″. As someone on the top end of that spectrum, I gotta say, it was perfectly comfortable to wear. And as rife just said this morning when I asked him to put it on so I could take some photos, “How does this fit you? It fits me perfectly.”

I asked him what he remembered about being the recipient of this comfy Zoro, and he said he couldn’t recall — which is on the positive side, since there wasn’t anything particularly bad or annoying or weird about it, it was just us having sex. Ya know?

It’s really comfortable to wear. It’s an unusual shape — I’m particularly used to my two-piece style of harness-plus-interchangeable-silicone, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s actually really comfortable.

The silicone is actually hollow on the inside, so someone on the smaller side could actually fit inside of it, and use it as an extender.

It’s a great size — not too big, not too small. Really good standard one-cock-fits-all-holes kind of size.


Price: $90
Material: Silicone; waistband is nylon, polyester, and elastic. No phthalates or latex
Size: 5.5″ long, which means it’s about 1.4″ in diameter
Colors: Purple and black
Clean up: The waistband unsnaps from the silicone. Silicone can be sanitized with bleach, in the dishwasher with no soap, or by boiling for 5-7 minutes. Waistband can be washed in mild soap and water; it would probably get stretched out in the washing machine, so I wouldn’t recommend that

Comfortable, easy to clean, really good size. If you’re looking to invest in just one single strap-on, this is a really good option! If you want to have more options, it’s probably worth saving up and buying a separate harness and dildo, so that when you want to expand to even more dildos and harnesses you can use them all interchangeably.

Pick up Zoro in purple or in black
over on the Perfect Fit website.

Zoro was sent to me from Perfect Fit for review.

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