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Review: Slick G Harness by Aslan Leather

Thank heavens, someone finally answered my prayers: I’ve been in search of The Harness for quite many years now, with some successes, but no amazing clouds-parting-rays-of-sunlight perfection. The Aslan Leather Jaguar G is my current favorite—or has been, up until now.

Aslan sent me two different harnesses to review: the Leather Pleasure Harness and the Slick G.

I jumped into the Slick G immediately. Couldn’t wait to try something other than leather or faux-leather or vinyl, which is all I’ve really ever tried. It just feels like leather never really comes clean, because, well, it doesn’t, it’s absorbent, and the kind of sex I have tends to be messy. Seems like my leather harnesses only last six months or so before I’m turned off by their … obvious wear.

So, rubber. I was a bit skeptical. But Carrie over at Aslan told me this the go-to favorite, so I wanted to try it out for myself. Would it be too thick? Too sharp around the edges? Not melding-with-my-skin enough?

And most importantly: would the shape and tension be enough to get me off?

Short answer: not quite. But I haven’t yet given up hope on the Slick G.

Here’s the harness breakdown factors:

1. Materials
Obviously, Aslan Leather uses really high-quality stuff. They make arguably the best harness available, and most people’s #1 choice, the Jaguar. (It’s not quite my favorite—mostly because I prefer 1-strap to the 2-strap style, but I do like the Jaguar G, as I mentioned.)

So: The Slick G is made of rubber. How does that work? Quite well, really. It’s a little bit stiff, not the pliable leather I’m used to, but it is such a relief to scrub it clean. It is pretty thick, it doesn’t really warm up and mold to my body like I’m used to with leather, but it doesn’t feel like a huge barrier. I am really fond of barely-there kind of harnesses, just three little straps and an o-ring (which is basically what the other harness, the Leather Pleasure Harness, can turn into), so this definitely feels like something there, but how could it not? It’s a slab of rubber. It does kind of cut into my skin around the edges, but not enough that I’m not into it. For the clean-up factor alone, I’m game.

2. Metal: the buckles + O rings
There is no O ring, so in theory some cocks would fit better than others through the opening, but it fits my favorite (the Vixskin Maverick, which is 2″ in diameter) quite well, so that’s all that really matters.

It’s beautiful, of course. Really nice work. The buckles on the waist strap are locking, and easily tighten. This is the ‘average’ size version, for hips from 25″-44″, and Aslan makes a slightly larger version too, for hips 36″-56″.

The strap that goes between the legs has three snaps for a choice of large-medium-small fit. At the smallest, it doesn’t quite go as tight as I like it (what can I say, I like it tight). This is the only problem I have with the harness, and I like it so much that I think I might actually try to get another snap installed, or move one of the snaps (I’m sure I don’t have the tools for it, but I think one of the local leather shops might).

I think because the center strap wasn’t really tight enough, I have yet to get off while fucking with it. Could it have been me, just a fluke, just need more times trying it? Yeah, maybe. But some other harnesses (like the Jaguar G) I can get off while using pretty much every time. Sometimes I know there are times when I just can’t do it, but times when I think it can happen, usually it can. And I thought it could happen, and couldn’t get the friction or positioning or feeling right enough, and I think that’s because it just wasn’t hitting at the right place. Everything else was so perfect! Perfect girl, perfect dirty words, perfect calmness and openness and sweet kisses and skin-to-skin and all of those lovely luscious things that happen when K & I are just in it, but: no go.

3. Style, shape, & padding
I like how the cock rides, I like how it drives, I like how low it rides. I like the shape of the harness. It doesn’t have much padding behind the base of the dildo, but I don’t mind that. It’s not very “padded” in general, since it’s rubber, but I’m not minding so much. I do wish the between-the-legs strap was a bit more narrow, though; especially in the ass cheeks area, it gets just a little bit pokey.

A slightly thinner center strap, and more options for the snaps in the center strap so it can sit tighter, and I think that’d be a winner.

Here’s how Aslan describes the Slick G harness:

This one strap harness made with sexy strong 100% water resistant rubber delivers the ultimate dildo control. Tough rubber stays in place when the fun get’s heavy let’s you play in the shower, tub wherever you choose! No “o” ring for greater intimacy.

ASLAN Rear Strap adjustment system ensures a comfortable fit for all body types! Low rider dildo placement provides excellent control and lovely clitoral stimulation. Discreet one strap design can double as a ANAL plug holder. No “o” ring for greater intimacy and less chance of bruising your partner from heavy thrusting.

The folks at Aslan know what’s up, know the kind of sex I’m having and even (I suspect) have some of that kind of sex themselves, and build wonderful tools that are some of the highest quality sex toys available. I’m thrilled to be reviewing some things for them. This isn’t quite The Harness, but it’s close. It’s damn close. And I am almost totally sold on the rubber, I would definitely try another one, or slightly modify this one, to try to get it closer to perfect.

Maybe The Perfect Harness doesn’t actually exist out there, I know, I might be kidding myself. But I have found pretty much The Perfect Cock, and The Perfect Leather Wrist & Ankle Restraints, and The Perfect Butt Plug—can’t I have a perfect harness, too? If there’s one to be found, I think it’s probably made by Aslan. Can’t wait to review more for them, I’ll let you know what I think of the Leather Pleasure Harness as soon as I have a chance to adequately review it.

Aslan Leather sent me the Slick G harness for review. Pick it up over on Aslan’s site, or at your local independent feminist queer sex toy store.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queers" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and they are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and they live outside Seattle as an uninvited settler on traditional, ancestral, & unceded Snoqualmie land.

7 thoughts on “Review: Slick G Harness by Aslan Leather”

  1. Siouxsie says:

    Hey Mr Sexsmith,

    I have a specific question but first I want to say how much I love this blog, your Carnal Nation column and your Mr Sexsmith Tumblr. All three are great – hot pics, hot stories, great posts about all kinds of interesting things. I only wish that I lived in NY so that I could attend some of the stuff you promote and do! So, thanks for writing stuff, it's great to read and has inspired more than one filthy scene between me and my boy – may it inspire many more!

    So, my specific question is this: you mention The Perfect Leather Wrist and Ankle Restraints, and I was wondering what they were. Perhaps the Heart 2 Heart cuffs you mentioned elsewhere? We've been looking for some for a while, for the same reason – rope is awesome but sometimes time-consuming. What would you recommend?



    1. Sinclair says:

      I have a set of cuffs that I purchased long ago at Babeland that I don't think are around anymore, and those are what I'd call The Perfect Cuffs. They're black, simple, excellent quality leather on the outside, and faux-fur lined inside. Nothing particularly fancy, but I have yet to find anything better.

      Maybe if I used bondage restraints as often as I use my strap-on harness, I would be more picky. But to be honest, I haven't found any that really don't work. I have a set that are just leather, no inner lining, and those are a little bit stiff and uncomfortable; I also have a couple of bondage-y wrist restraints that have special bells and whistles, like the bow restraints or the pearl cuffs, and generally those are just unnecessary. Any simple pair of comfortable cuffs will do it, I think.

      The Heart 2 Heart ones are great, very similar to my Perfect Cuffs, and the scalloped cuffs are a little more padded and comfortable.

  2. desiringsubject says:

    DIY – ness

    The gear for snaps in rubber is not hard to acquire, or particularly expensive. It’s also the same gear as for installing snaps in leather. The ability to add/move snaps, as well as to re-rivet torn places has kept me in the same harness for *years.*

    However, my all time favorite harness is one I made myself from scratch. And by scratch, I mean used bicycle tubes, well-washed. Bicycle tubes, rivets, snaps, o-rings and unless you’re really attached to the triangular base shape, you can make almost any harness. Probably a particularly thick mountain tube could be cut to make one of the bases, personally, I like the straps-snapped-directly-to-the-O-ring designs. What I like a lot as well is that, with a few more tubes and snaps, I can make it modular, and have a bicycle tube chest harness that I can attach *to* the main harness, and, if desired, also to a collar. One piece of equipment provides both top and bottom accoutrement, happy switchy me!

    Anyway, I know you get stuff to review so DIY is not exactly in your wheelhouse, but I’ve always had to do kink on a budget, and considering how many flats I get in a year, a new harness costs me about $1 in materials. (After one factors in the fact that at one point I had to buy the anvil, mallet, and holepunch…)

    1. Sinclair says:

      I have heard great things about bicycle tubes as harness material! I hear it works incredibly well. I don’t know if I’m quite up for the DIY part of it all, but I might have to be, if I want to really have my hands on The Harness, since it seems like the kind of thing I can envision but can’t quite buy. Thanks for the tips!

    2. Zephyr says:

      I was also going to suggest making one yourself (or perhaps commissioning a local?). I have a few friends who've made their own harnesses – usually of leather or bicycle tubes – and they LOVE 'em.

      Just out of curiosity, what would your ideal harness be like?

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