Glee: Single Ladies (Video)

I admit, I haven’t seen a minute of the new TV show Glee yet. Seems like lots of folks are abuzz about it, and I am a big fan of Jane Lynch, so I figured I’d check it out eventually. I don’t have TV so I try not to be watching more than one or two series at a time, otherwise I’d just spend all my time doing that … and we all know I just finished My So-Called Life, and I’m working my way through The Wire (season 4 now), and there’s True Blood (though I hate the sexualized violence), and Mad Men, and Californication, and I haven’t quite finished Battlestar Galactica …

I ran across this clip from Glee tonight, and I’m thinking I should really move it up on the list.

There is something about the masculinity in this whole thing that makes me just … thrilled. I’m not sure I’ve put my finger on it yet, but I love it. It doesn’t hurt that I love that Beyonce video either – I mean who doesn’t? It’s one of those songs you just can’t help but sing along to, except with this one it’s dance along to it. I find myself flipping my hand and doing the I’m-a-little-teapot move without even realizing it.

Plus, I associate it with the first time I heard it, which was in the back of Jesse James’s car, with Violet, on our way to an amazing dinner, with Jesse singing along and knowing all the words and shaking her ring finger at Violet. (That was also the moment we both realized Beyonce might be the new Cher. I kept expecting her to make an appearance on Cherday, but not yet. So I guess this will do instead!)

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10 thoughts on “Glee: Single Ladies (Video)”

  1. Rachel says:

    I'll admit that I'm a total sucker for videos of babies doing cute things, but here is a link to "All the Single Babies"- this tot dancing to the Beyonce video. It's a good 30 second laugh.


  2. Rhett says:

    Glee is addictive.

    Just a fair warning.

    Really, really great show!

  3. Caroline says:

    Glee really is one of the smartest shows I have seen on tv in a long time. Dark humor, queer friendly, and intelligent. Plus it is on Hulu! So for those of us without cable, it's very accessible. You really, really, seriously need to watch it. I may even like it more than Mad Men. Maybe.

  4. MakingSpace says:

    Thanks – I was just thinking that the plot lines are not thrilling me as much as they are everyone else, so if I could just find some links to the videos of the songs… and then the universe provides!! Woot!

  5. Jupiter says:

    I don't have TV either but Glee is one show I've been making sure to catch episodes of online on Fox.com. This last episode was great…dealt with coming out issue nicely.

    I'm on season 4 of The Wire now,too :)

  6. Jane Lynch is amazing and although I haven't watched Glee yet, I intend to and have been hearing much buzz about how great it is.

    Ok, The Wire. THE WIRE! Has to be one of the best shows ever put out there. Honest in a way that I've never seen before. Still unsung considering what it deserves. Oh and how great is Omar??!!

  7. Jen says:

    It is a funny ass show, and I'm not that into TV. But I'm hooked!

  8. Thankfully there's the internet, networks who post full episodes online, and "ways" of getting full episodes from networks who don't.

    One of the talents I'd so longed for growing up was to be able to sing really really well…..I was so envious and in awe of the girls in HS who just gave you goosebumps. They were "it" to me. Confident and talented and could kick ass with their singing.

    So yeah this clip was awesome and I'm now downloading all Glee episodes and will be watching it :)

  9. jane lynch! i'm sorry, what were we talking about?

    right – i sort of accidentally ran across the pilot for glee online ages ago, and was rather sad to find out that there wasn't any more to watch at the time. so, thanks for the heads up! now i know just how i'll be doing my weekend time-wasting.

  10. jesse james says:

    If she likes it then why NOT put a ring on it? Violet’s response to my non-stop singing of this song was to learn the dance and dance along when I sang it to her. I still don’t have a ring but damn that dance looks good on her!

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