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My slutty little girl.

Or, how her dirty talk got me off. Twice.

In my bedroom. We both knew we only had a few hours until she would leave, back to her city, an hour and a half drive away.

I didn’t waste time. Pulled her by her hair toward me and thrust my tongue in her mouth. Moved her around, hands hard and thick on her torso. Pressed against me. She feels good in my arms.

I stripped her and left my office clothes on, for now. I was already hard packing (not with Silky but with Rick, I broke my Silky again), and hard, and wanted to fuck.

I pushed her back on the bed easily. Kneed her legs apart and pressed my cock up against her, bare, through my slacks. Kissed her, hard, felt her body under me.

I pulled back after a minute and lifted myself up. “Take my dick out,” I ordered softly.

She did. Unbuckled, unzipped, palmed it in her hand, let out a low satisfied hum of pleasure when she touched it. I tightened my harness, lowered myself back on top of her, kissed her neck. “I want to fuck your mouth.”

She arched in response, but whispered, “But I want you to fuck me.”

I almost laughed. Her desire handed to me on a silver platter, I took it gratefully. “No.”

“Please, baby, I need it, I want you to fuck my pussy.”

I do like the way she begs. I nearly acquiesced, but said “no” again, pulled back to shift to my knees on the bed. Took her hair in my fist as she bent in front of me. “Do it real pretty, and I’ll fuck you.”

She lowered her lips to my cock and kissed. Swallowed. Lapped with her tongue, ran it along her lips. I didn’t stop with the talking. “Baby, you suck it so good. That’s so pretty in your mouth, suck it deeper, yeah that’s it, good girl.”

I pulled her up to kiss me a few times, mostly so I could feel how her lips and tongue get swollen and wet when she sucks me off, and so I can have that moment of thrusting her head back down to my cock, pushing on the back of her skull.

She started taking it deeper, deep as she could, nearly the whole thing, kept it there while her throat contracted around it and she fought her gag reflex, then pulled up and kneeled.

“Do it again,” I said, and she looked up at me, mouth open tongue thick, and lowered her mouth back down, sucking me all the way again. “Deeper. Good girl. Take that cock in your throat. Swallow it. Good, that’s so good.”

And again she came up for air.

“Do that one more time,” I said, caressing the back of her head, “and I’ll fuck you.”

She quivered a little, I could see it ripple through her back, and then she did: brought her mouth down on my cock once more, took it deeper this time, pretty, so pretty, so far back in her throat.

When she started to resist I pulled her up by her hair, shifted next to her, put my hands on her hips and turned her over to her back, slid between her legs again.

She was so wet I barely needed lube. “Oh, you liked that, huh.”


“You like my cock in your mouth.” My hand on it, putting it in place.


“You like to suck it. You like when I fuck your pretty mouth.” I guided it in, hard, and started fucking her sweet but steady, deep. She moaned. Tried to say “yes” but it came out in a slur.

“I like it too. I like my cock in your mouth, I like how you suck it. You get me so hard, I just have to fuck you.” I continued, cock thrusting in and out as I took her wrists in one hand, held her down, kissed her jaw and neck. “I like it in your pussy too.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, put it in my pussy. Fuck my pussy hard.” She shifted her hips up and back and I thrust an inch deeper, reached around her thigh to get a nice grip on her ass.

Somehow, she was set off and kept a steady stream of words at my ear, every time I thrust harder into her I’d get a nice reward of her lovely voice saying dirty things: oh yeah baby just like that, fuck me hard, you know how I like it, you know how I love your big dick in my pussy, put it in me, harder baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, and when she gets closer it becomes ooh baby you fuck me so good, you fuck me so good, baby that feels so good, so good, you fuck me so good, baby, baby –

And somewhere in there I lost it. Blurted “I’m gonna come” as it started happening. Groaning, harness against clit, thrusting my cock deep in her; I don’t even know what I do exactly when I come like that because I’m so unpracticed at it that my body goes and releases and moves and I’m not sure what I’m doing.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, held me close as my breathing evened and my pulse calmed.

I pulled back, “It’s a thousand degrees in here!” I still had all my clothes on. “Will you – can you –“ she unbuttoned my white work shirt and I pulled back farther to slip it off, then stood up entirely to take my slacks and socks off.

I slid comfortably next to her and she shifted to her stomach, looking at me, chatting about I’m not sure what, the way I came. I left my hands on her skin, ran them along her back and held her ass in my palm (she has a great ass).

It’s hard to lie, naked, next to her without getting turned on.

“I like it when you have your hand on my ass.”

“You do huh.”


“You know what that makes me want to do.” It wasn’t really a question.


“Spank you.”

“Have I been bad?”

“You tell me. Have you?”

She hesitated. “Yes.”

“What did you do?” Light, quick smacks to warm her up.

“I let someone touch me.”


Hesitation again. “Down there. Between my legs.”

“Did you.”

“I’m not supposed to do that.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I’m not supposed to let someone touch me between my legs.”

“No, you’re not.”

“That’s bad.”

“Yes.” Harder spankings now. Farther apart. Her back started to arch. “You must be a bad girl.”

“No, no.”

“Only bad girls get touched where they’re not supposed to.”

“No, I’m a good girl, no.”

“You liked it, didn’t you.”

Hesitation. “Yes.”

“I thought so. That’s dirty.”

“I’m dirty?”

“You know what you are. You’re a little slut.”

“No, no.”

“You are. A dirty little slut.”

“Because I liked it? Because I liked being touched between my legs?”

“Bad girl.” Still spanking her the whole time.

“I did like it. I am a bad girl.”

“You know what boys like me get to do with bad girls like you?”

She whimpered as I shifted on top of her, still on her stomach on the bed.

“I get to touch you too. I get to touch you however I want.” Hand on her ass, spreading her open.


“I get to touch you however I want. I’m getting my dick out.”


“Because you’re a slut, aren’t you. My slut, to fuck how I like, that’s what slutty girls get.” I slid inside and found her wet, eager.

“It’s so big, it’s so big.”

“Yeah, baby, you take my big cock so well, look at you. Pretty little slut.” My mouth was at her ear, body covering hers.

“No, don’t do that, that’s bad.”


“Stop, stop.”

“Shhh, don’t talk.”

“That’s bad, you can’t do that to me, stop, stop.”

“Shut up.” I reached forward with my left hand, right hand still on her ass, and grabbed her jaw, slid my fingers in her mouth.

She whimpered a little, but quieted, groaned when I work two fingers against her tongue, in and out. “Mmmmm.”

“You like that?” I nearly laughed as she gave over. She arched her ass deeper into me and I pounded against her. Getting close to coming but I didn’t expect that to happen again. Regardless, I only pay attention to my cock in her, the way she sucks my fingers, how her body feels under mine. Using her as I like.

“Ohhh that’s nice,” I said. “That’s my good girl. Take it good, baby, I’m going to have you my way so you may as well like it.”

She sucked my fingers deeper, gulping.

“Good girl, that’s good, that’s my good girl. My pretty girl.”

Thrusting my cock deeper as she arched her ass against me.

“Ohhh yeah, you take my cock so deep, baby, your pussy is so tight, feels so good to fuck.” I took my fingers from her mouth.

“You like to fuck my pussy?”


“Your cock feels good in my pussy?”

“Yes. Say it.”

“I like it. I like your cock in my pussy.”

“Say it again.”

“I like your cock in my pussy. I like how you fuck me, fuck my tight pussy.”

“That’s my good girl.”

“I want to be your good girl. I’m a good girl.”


“But I like it. I like it when you fuck me hard.”

“Like this?” I pound harder, slapping our bodies together.

“Ohh yeah, I like it hard, I like it hard.”

“I know you do. I know just how you like it.”

“Your big cock is so deep in me. So deep, you fill me up, it’s so big.”

I pull myself up and slowly out of her, but she arches deeper when she feels me retreating and my head spins, I thrust back in her hard and groan. Close to coming again.

“I’m trying to pull out,” I growl at her ear, “but every time I back off you pull this little arch in your back, ass in the air, and it’s so sexy …” I bite her shoulder and pull out, fast, lift myself to her knees.

“Turn.” I pushed on her hips and she shifted to her back. I slid easily between her legs and inside her, smooth and tight and hard and “ohhh god you feel so good.”

She groaned as I slid it in.

“Good girl, you’re taking my cock so good.”

“I’m your good girl.”

“Yes, baby, that’s right.”

“Your good little slut.”

“Yes.” Pounding harder. Getting closer, faster, deeper.

“Your slutty little girl. Fuck me, oh fuck me hard. I like it deep, oh just like that, yeah, just like that, you fuck me so deep, ohhh it’s so good.”

“You’re my slutty little girl to fuck how I like, I’ll fuck you deep if that’s what I want. That’s it baby, take my cock hard, take it deep, just how I like it, that’s right, ohhh … ” and suddenly I was coming again, cunt quivering and hips shaking instead of thrusting into her, yelling into the pillow next to her head so I would hopefully not make her deaf.

“Well,” she said, when I quieted, when I was resting my head on her breasts, when I was murmuring “baby baby, darling, ohh my god,” deliriously. “I guess we know what gets you off!”

Yeah. I guess we do.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queers" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and they are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and they live outside Seattle as an uninvited settler on traditional, ancestral, & unceded Snoqualmie land.

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