couple, in b&w

butch/femme, heather corinna
butch/femme couple, photo by Heather Corinna
Shannon says it’s her “favorite photo of butch & femme”

I’ve been following Heather Corinna online for quite a few years now – she’s practically infamous for her self-portraits, her personal online journal, her sex-positive educational resources. I still haven’t ever met her – she moved to Seattle just after I moved from Seattle to New York City, and while she knows some of the same folks that I do, our paths have just never quite crossed. Needless to say, though, after following her work for all these years, she still gives me that butterflies-in-my-stomach celebrity feeling – I’d probably be too shy to ever actually have a conversation with her, I’d get all tongue-tied and flustered. Ah, femmes.

4 thoughts on “couple, in b&w”

  1. muse says:

    oh, that's so beautiful, and hot. hot. hot. love the one hand holding down the two.

    p.s. you might be flustered on the inside, but it wouldn't show. you're pretty goddamn smooth.

  2. Shannon says:

    This image is the launching point of a thousand and one fantasies… gah.

  3. not a picture, but one of my favorite butches , Ivan E Coyote.

    Not sure if you all know her south of the border, but she's a fabulous writer, storyteller, and hot beyond hot… well to me anyway!

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