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DJ's Birthday Gangbang (DJ & Kai #4)

DJ’s Birthday Gangbang (DJ & Kai #4)

03/30/2015  |  No Comments

I have always wanted to throw someone a gangbang. And by someone, I mean DJ. Maybe because they've thrown a... more

April in photos, part two: IMsL, green hills hike, and some personal moments

Protected: April in photos, part two: IMsL, green hills hike, and some personal moments

05/14/2014  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Follow me on Instagram!Butch. YOU GUYZ. My boy made fries from scratch. How'd he do that?? The... more

Happy Birthday, rife!

Happy Birthday, rife!

04/24/2014  |  10 Comments

It's rife's 27th birthday today!So far, we have stayed in bed late, toured the chalk art birthday greetings that... more

Review: Bondage cuff and bow tie by Rand Leather

Review: Bondage cuff and bow tie by Rand Leather

11/19/2013  |  No Comments

Rand Leather (on etsy or on follow on tumblr) is a one-man-show out of Maine where Matthias Rand makes all... more

Some poetry performance videos at the Northern Exposure kink conference

06/26/2013  |  No Comments

At the Northern Exposure kink conference in Anchorage earlier this month, Sarha, our 2013 IMsL and one of the producers... more

Northern Exposure Kink Conference in Anchorage, AK! And: Judging the International Ms. Leather Contest

06/12/2013  |  1 Comment

I'm catching a plane tomorrow for Anchorage, where the third annual Northern Exposure kink conference will be taking place.NE... more

International Ms. Leather 2013 Begins Tonight! Say Please, Pack n Play Cocks, Happy Hour, More

04/18/2013  |  No Comments

IMsL, the International Ms. Leather contest and one of the biggest gatherings of leather dykes and queers I've ever been... more

Smith College, Oh My!, The CSPH, UTK Sex Week, IMsL, and Where Else I’ll Be In the Next Few Months

03/25/2013  |  7 Comments

Oh hello there Internet, I know you're still here, and I love you. I've been quiet, but I've been working... more

Where I’ll Be in Spring 2013: Leaving Marks, Fucking Forever, and Other Workshops in Toronto, Seattle, New York, and More

01/11/2013  |  No Comments

Greetings from Texas! I'm back in Houston visiting Rife, and I'm booking working traveling emailing and trying to get my... more

Like a Faggot

06/06/2012  |  7 Comments

Warning: This story contains lots of elements of BDSM, including swearing, consensual violence, face punching, forceful cock sucking, punching, and... more