Review: Taxi Volume I (DVD)

Syd Blakovich & Justine Joli in Taxi Volume I

Finally getting around to telling you about Taxi, which is a web series as well as now two released DVDs. I watched the first volume DVD by myself a while ago and never wrote it up, and Kristen and I watched it last night. I remembered being impressed by it, that it was hot and sensual, and upon the second watch-through I agree with myself about that assessment, but it was so … very … slow. The scenes were longer than necessary and not heavy enough. But don’t get me wrong, they are beautifully filmed. They just could be a little (ahem) tighter, quicker paced. There is absolutely no introduction to the two characters and why they’re fucking in a taxi, though the web series page gives a little bit of backstory about the two. That might’ve been good to read before I watched the scenes.

It features some of my favorite porn stars: Madison Young, Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Justine Joli, and a few newcomers who appear to me like a real-life couple, who were all excellent. There was a lot of your-turn-my-turn sex in the Volume I DVD, and while I’m sure that’s great for some folks, it was a little too switchy. I don’t really care who is topping and who is bottoming, but most of the time I’d like them to make a choice about it, even if it’s only for these five minutes. Many of these scenes went back and forth which felt a little distracting.

I would’ve liked to see more cocks, more rough-and-tumble, less sensual skin touching. But hey, don’t I say that about most of the porn? Taxi is well done, and I’m looking forward to seeing Volume II, or watching the rest of the series online—that three-way DP scene with Nic Switch, Madison Young, & Jiz Lee looks pretty delicious, for instance.

Taxi Volume I was sent to me from Girlfriends Films to review. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Review: Taxi Volume I (DVD)”

  1. jahbee says:

    More cocks? Less sensual skin touching? I’m surprised to hear you say that. Well, not *you* say that. But about the Taxi series- it featured too many cocks and cock sucking for my taste. But the sensual touching and the deliberately for-lesbian spirit was refreshing. Besides, Dallas FiveStar! whaaaat!? The first time I was genuinely attracted to someone in a porn.

    I will agree with you however, on the painfully slow pace that I think characterizes JuicyPinkBox. One, Therapy featuring Madison Young, was so slow and so authentic, I heard myself saying outloud, “This is sad!” before clicking it off… smh!

    Nonetheless, I agree juicypinkbox generally rocks.

    1. Sinclair says:

      Maybe the Taxi series in general has lots of cocks, but these in particular on this DVD didn’t have very many. I don’t think Dallas was in this DVD, for example (and whoa yes so hot!). I would watch more, and I like the aesthetic, but I hope the timing improves.

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