Sex Positive Photography Photoshoot, aka I’m On A (House)Boat

When I visited the Bay Area in the end of August I met up with Shilo McCabe, the photographer who is behind The Sex Positive Photo Project, and we wandered around my friend’s houseboat where I was staying.

I had a great time and she made me feel very comfortable in front of the lens. These are my favorites of the photos she’s sent me so far.

This one is my favorite.

Thank you, Shilo.

6 thoughts on “Sex Positive Photography Photoshoot, aka I’m On A (House)Boat”

  1. alice says:

    not to be pervy but YUMMY pics! :p

  2. Amy says:

    I’ll admit to the perv aspect. That last picture is delicious.

    Well done. (:

  3. Bianca says:

    Love the reflection in the subglasses, and the mischievous look in your eye in the first pic, second row. If you’re ever in DC, we should do a shoot together. :-)

    Speaking of travel, how do I snag a piece of your schedule for a workshop/visit/something to American University?

  4. radiantbabygirl says:


    The last photo made my heart stop for a moment. Oh my, these are sugar coated fabulous sexy amazing! Kristen is a lucky, lucky girl :)


    I agree – thank you, Shilo!

  5. Kelley O says:

    mmmmmmmm…. A big leather flogger and a butch to wield it…. be still my heart!

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