Top Hot Butches #21, #17, and #6

l-r: Lyndell Montgomery (#21), Bren Ryder (#17), and Ivan E. Coyote (#6) at Ivan’s recent 40th Birthday bash in Vancouver. Note the SIX shirt Ivan’s showing off – a reference to Ivan’s Top Hot Butches number, and a gift from Lyndell.

Thanks to Ivan’s partner Zena for snapping this shot and sending it to me (and telling me I could post it).

Take a minute to read Hats Off To Beautiful Femmes, a bit of a follow up to Ivan’s recent Butch Roadmap column. And happy birthday, Ivan!

12 thoughts on “Top Hot Butches #21, #17, and #6”

  1. Femme Gender says:

    Happy Birthday to Ivan!

    and HAPPY Wednesday to the rest of us seeing this pic for the first time. Made a dull afternoon very bright indeed fimg X

  2. QueerRose says:

    Yes indeed! Happy Birthday Ivan! What a fabulous treat! QRx

  3. Cyn says:

    Hot, hot, hot – awesome pic and awesome subjects. Happy birthday to Ivan :)

  4. e says:

    Well, I'm pretty happy about seeing this! Thanks for the deliciousness!

  5. riotfemme says:

    Oh wow, that was almost too much for me there :) Happy Birthday, Ivan!

  6. Missy says:

    Oh my. Hot. Totally hot.

  7. d says:

    OMG. totally drooling, totally delicious.

  8. jnbklyn says:

    WHOA. Can’t… form… sentences. Ridiculously hot.

    Happy birthday, Ivan, and thank you for writing that beautiful piece. I had just been to a party where it rocked all the (straight) attendees’ worlds that I love women. Well, I do. And that picture is one great reason why!!!

  9. Kelly says:

    *fans self*

    So handsome!

  10. rascalgrrl says:

    Oh. My. Goddess. I think I just drooled a bit. Thank you all…

  11. saintchick says:

    OMG #21, I have to have that….. I love me some Lyndell. Thank you Sin, for putting Lyndell up there. Sweet Jesus..

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