VOTE. Period.

November 3, 2008  |  essays

Okay y’all:

  • Are you registered to vote? Look yourself up here.
  • Where is your polling place? Look it up here.
  • What time is it open?
  • What do you have to bring? [Most places you need ID and a piece of mail that is proof of you at your current address.]
  • Will you need to miss work in order to vote?


These are questions to figure out TONIGHT, now, so you can plan your day tomorrow. LET’S DO THIS, PEOPLE. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.


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  1. can't wait to kick prop 8 in the ass!!! is it possible that after eight years of misery, things will finally go our way? fingers crossed! PLEASE VOTE

  2. Thanks for using your site to get out the vote and raise awareness and money regarding prop 8!

    And for getting Toppy with the voters :)


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