Review: Lollipop crop

This is my new favorite crop or slappy toy. It is not something I probably ever would have picked up on my own, but it appeared in my inbox one day and I thought, huh, why not, I need a new crop of sorts, I don’t have anything like that, let’s give it a try.

So very glad I did.

It is an excellent length, I get a nice swing – which I don’t always with shorter slappy toys. The wand holding the red circle is thin enough that it cuts the air with a buzz if I wind up enough. The red – silicone – circle itself creates the most satisfying smack I have ever heard in a crop. It doesn’t have the sting that most crops do, since it’s a bit thicker, I think, and a wider circle – but ohhh the sound. I can’t get over it.

(The first day I got it, I carried it around smacking it on the palm of my hand, my thighs, the table, my roommate – whatever I could. The sound is just so satisfying.)

I keep my crops and whips and floggers hanging on my wall, so I had to add a ribbon to the handle so it would hang – but that is my only complaint about this finely crafted, simple crop that packs a whallop.

Pick up the Lollipop crop at Babeland for $54.

16 thoughts on “Review: Lollipop crop”

  1. Lilly says:

    Yeah I was doing that with my new "implements of pain" over the weekend.

    What exactly was that comment you made at the after-party about hearing that sound, the reaction of tops vs bottoms? My memory sucks and I think I butchered it.

    [ Oh yeah – who was it that was playing with a crop or something? There was a particularly loud smack and you jumped; I said something like, 'that's the difference between tops and bottoms. I hear that and think, mmmmmm. You hear that and think, yipes!' Funny, the visceral response that happens in response to just the sound. My body opens, swells. – ss ]

  2. Lilly says:

    You were the one fondling Catalina's paddle, smacking in on your palm. It was a loud crack, I wasn't prepared, I startle easily, LOL. Sure, my first reaction is to flinch. It takes a minute or so for the arousal to follow….but it follows. As much as I truly love using those things on others, and man do I love it, the flinch is still my gut reaction when someone else does it.

  3. saintchick says:

    OMG I HAVE to have this ! It looks delightful.

  4. Collen says:

    Ooooh. Thanks for the review, Sin. Crops are my #1 favorite toy as a top and as a bottom. I've been looking for more to add to my arsenal.

    Also, THANK YOU for the mention of tying a ribbon around the handle. I would never have thought of that, and I have been frustratedly looking for a way to store my smaller crop (which has no loop of its own). I'll just make my own! You're a genius.

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