eye candy: buxa

July 7, 2008  |  miscellany

“This lovely buxa – Chicana butch – is E-lo.
She loves to make art, listen to cumbias and norteñas,
and to play butch/femme dress up with me! She’s oh soo yummy!”
– from Laura, who also sent in the Womyn in Construction eye candy

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  1. Ahhh she reminds me of my younger, tender years and the family dinners we had with my dad's best friend's family (ie major crush on a daugher AND boy of the friend). Much appreciated!

  2. Love her smile, and those eyes… sure would like to see her without a hat :)

  3. oh my. thank you for this one (laura and sinclair). love love the grey hat (and i've begun to note that i have a soft spot for a butch with earrings).

  4. I love a girl in a hat..so suave..she looks charming

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