you like those breasts, eh? wanna keep ’em?

Cynthia Nixon has sent a message to us gay women: learn the facts & take control of your breast health.

Don’t forget those breast exams too – they say it’s so important to detect cancer early. (Doesn’t it feel sometimes like it’s not whether or not you will ever get cancer, but when, and how early you will find it? Sometimes I feel like we live in a scary time, when we’re so susceptible to such mutations of our bodies.) So don’t forget to do those breast exams, your own, your girlfriend’s, your lovers, your fuckbuddy, your booty call … I do find it’s best if you ask first. Just sayin’.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has lots more information on their site at

One thought on “you like those breasts, eh? wanna keep ’em?”

  1. muse says:

    my mother and her mother both have had (and beaten) breast cancer, so for me it's definitely always seemed like a matter of when, not if. how scary to live with that inevitability, right? yikes.

    go cynthia nixon for speaking out on gay women's issues! she's turning out to be a pretty cool queer femme.

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