eye candy: hot pink hat

June 18, 2008  |  miscellany

The Sugar Butch in the photo is Azaan Kamau – the author and publisher of
In The Midst of My Blackness. Azaan loves jet skiing, writing, boating,
taking photos, and fighting for LGBT Rights! (Photo Credit: Azaan Kamau)

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  1. I love your "eye candy" posts. Keep them coming!

  2. real butches wear pink :)

  3. wow, great attitude. love the glasses-down-the-nose thing, it's very… appraising. and my goodness, what a fantastic hat.

  4. That's Right!!! Real Butches Wear Pink!

  5. Azaan is the hottest butch I've seen in years! Keep the pics coming!!!!

  6. Azaan is so damn fine!

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