eye candy: ho hum

April 1, 2008  |  miscellany

Removed … With my apologies to the photographer!

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  1. where can we send you some eye candy to?

    [to my email – aspiringstud [at] gmail.com. I'd love more butch eye candy, thank you! – ss]

  2. ohhh, not ho hum at all…

  3. ooh I love a butch in glasses… simply yummy!

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous. and such a great shot.

  5. While I'm flattered to be considered 'eye candy', please remove my photo from your web site. I didn't think it was legal to steal photos from flickr photo streams and use them for your publishing purposes. Legalities aside, I find it highly unethical to use a photo without the artist's or subject's permission. I may have said 'yes' had you asked first. ~baxter of ca


  1. what happened in April

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