momentary celebration

March 12, 2008  |  miscellany

amy, originally uploaded by e p i t a.

Let’s have some celebration of female masculinity, after the day we’ve had here. All that defending and deflecting gets exhausting.

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  1. That is one rockin' picture. It makes me excited to finally begin the queer-focused photo project that has been simmering in my mind since last fall.

    Fascinating posts . Your blog is my first stop everyday. I don't ever visit without reading something that expands my mind, and I don't ever leave without something new ponder.


    PS: Actually, would love to chat with you about said photo project. Send me an email when you get a chance.

  2. Not sure what happened to the celebration of masculine women that I saw in the '90s. I still think they're hot, hot, hot. Keep the torch lit, sister.

  3. Thanks, you never disappoint !!

  4. Oh my…. that is a gorgeous picture. Fuckin hot.

  5. Hells to the yeah! (ok, getting over my quasi-skater cali moment)

    Damn that's fuckin sexy.

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