highest day so far

March 5, 2007  |  miscellany
Jefferson, sweet man that he is, included my recent “guilty fantasies” post in his Valley of the Twenty-somethings Fleshbot sex blog roundup, and on Saturday, Sugarbutch had nearly 800 hits, which is more in a single day than I’ve had since I started keeping track.

So, welcome visitors! And thanks Jefferson. He & I were actually at the same party on Saturday night, and he got to meet Callie, but briefly.

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  1. This 'bi apple' party sounds fantastic. I'm so envious. That flyer is shmokin'!

  2. Haha! Yes, Jefferson and I are back together again.

    But thank you! You looked smashing yourself. (And your Callie is just as stunning as you say she is.)

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