Maverick Press

Maverick Press is a small press aiming to publish writing exploring sex, eros, embodiment, queer & trans identities, power dynamics, and more, centering trans feminist…

Novella Series

Set of six ebooks in epub and mobi formats.

Published by Maverick Press, 2015

Includes six novellas:
The Dyke in Psych Class: Asher & Jesse
Bois Will Be Bois: Kai & DJ
Begging for More: Mistress Elise Winter & morgan
The Brute and the Brat: Bean & Mickey
The Color of a Bruise: Angie & Fern
Heart Breaks Open: Lauren & Beck

Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica

Ebook Published September 15, 2014 Paperback Published September 15, 2015 45,000 words Erotica, BDSM, Fiction: LGBTQ © 2014-2015 Maverick Press ISBN 0-9907628-0-5 $7.99 digital book;…

Answers to some questions

Do you have a top five list of toys/accessories that you love and recommend? People’s sexualities are so different, so what’s best for me might…

Hello! I’m Sinclair

I’m a writer and teacher, and I lead workshops about using identity and power as tools for liberation. Through fields like feminism, queerness, trans &…