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Are Ejaculating Dildos Even A Thing? Yes!


Hey, so I just wanted a recommendation for a strap-on that ejaculated. If that is even a real thing. I don’t want it to be weird but as “natural” as I can get. My wife gets really turned on by the “cum inside me” situation so any advice you can give would be awesome. Thanks in advance! You were my go to! Thanks for all you do for the community!

Answer: Ejaculating dildos totally exist!

Ejaculating dildos totally exist! Unfortunately most of them are made out of porous materials that are not body safe, so I can’t recommend them. They’re more like “novelty” items made from plastic which off-gasses, producing an intense smell. But there are still a few options.

The Semenette was the first one that came on the market that is realistic and body safe (and made by dykes!), but it is VERY hard — it’s that old-school silicone and many folks who have tried it internally report that it’s pokey, not very comfortable. plus, the bulb that comes with it is quite small, like a teaspoon, which doesn’t necessarily work with those of us who want a lot of fluid to be involved too. Here’s an old review from 2016.

Doc Johnson has a variety of products, but I can’t vouch for the materials. They claim to be silicone and body safe, but they’re still porous. If you’re only using them with one person, they’re probably okay, but sometimes they go through that plastic off-gassing period where they have a big plastic smell, and that is such a turn-off personally. It is not particularly safe to be inside a body, so it does not make me want to use it!

But if you’re game to try out something from them, they are usually not too expensive (because the materials are not very high quality).

There’s a growing market of strap-ons that are hyper realistic and geared toward trans men, so I suspect something with squirting capacity will come on the market soon. But as far as I know that’s the best we have right now — for realistic cocks, anyway. There are some by the company Bad Dragon that squirt and are very well designed, but they’re made to be, well, dragon-like, not human.

If you find anything else, I would love to know about it!

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7 thoughts on “Are Ejaculating Dildos Even A Thing? Yes!”

  1. starbit says:

    there are several prosthetics for trans guys that have ejaculatory capabilities, but most of them have a reservoir in the tip that you squeeze to eject fluid and if a partner wants you to come inside them then that won’t work. the semenette appears to be discontinued as is the less pokey pop! by semenette dildo. if you want specifics on the prosthetics, I can provide links upon request

    1. Yes please, links! It sounds like the same one from Transthetics that others have mentioned?

  2. Micah says:

    Re: FTM/transmasc-oriented prosthetics, Transthetics’ Joystick packer has a reservoir in the tip for ejaculate that can squirt just by squeezing the tip; it takes practice but it’s great!

  3. Max says:

    Definitely check out Transthetics, they have two prosthetics with ejaculation reservoirs.

  4. Thanks, y’all, for the comments about the Joystick by Transthetics! I do have some of their other products, but I don’t have that one. I wonder about it’s ability to be used by folks who don’t have 1″ or more of growth — their other products are not really possible to use without that, and it seems like this is also made to be ‘strapless’. Which, unfortunately, makes it only accessible to some folks, not to the varied bodies of folks who want to be able to ejaculate with a strap on. I’ll do a bit more research. Either way — glad to know about more options!

  5. ElliePeaches says:

    The Evolved Big Shot is silicone and ejaculates with the press of a button! It is silicone over firm plastic, so it doesn’t have any give to it but last training session I had with their rep, she did say they are exploring making a softer model :)
    LoveToy also do an ejaculating range that are softer, they are TPE but seem to be a high quality and don”t have any strong odor to them

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