eye candy: bedroom eyes

My hot papi Jess of HouseofJero.com. She’s bringin’ butchly back. – Tina

Tina sent me three shots of her partner Jess because, she said, she couldn’t just choose one. It was tough! This one is so smooth. I actually met these two at Curly McDimple’s queer blogger weenie roast last summer (and there will be another one!), and I gotta say, they’re really sweet together. Tina’s quite the eye candy herself. 

And, uh, didja notice that headboard? Looks very … functional.    

8 thoughts on “eye candy: bedroom eyes”

  1. Sh!t yeah, there's my baby!!! Woot! Woot! LOL

    And we will definitely be at the next weenie roast. ;)

  2. Summer says:

    HolyGoddess…. I want one TOO!! please please…I'll be good!

  3. Desaray says:

    Yay! Tina, you did it! How much do I love the one with the glasses? So. Hot. (fan fan fanning self)

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