what sex bloggers do when we get together

Viviane‘s tea party of sex bloggers yesterday was yet again an amazing gathering. The conversation was mostly sex & general geekery like WordPress templates. logo design, site counters, anonymity and blog traffic.And then there was the sex. D/s verses topping and bottoming, penises and balls (I tried to keep a straight face, really I did), strap-on cocks, how bio cocks malfunction, oral fixation, flogging, single-tail whips …

Eileen mentioned that she particularly likes sex play that involves skill, and I have to borrow that from her and agree – skill is hot. Making difficult things look easy is hot. Single tail whips and play piercing are fucken hot. And did I mention that I’d like to be in a room with her again soon? Yes.

In other news:

Avah was adorible and makes lovely noises when tickled; Wendy has a seriously quick wit that included, “Casual sex?! What the fuck, as if the rest of my sex life has a top hat and tails?”

Maymay and I discovered that we were apparently twins separated at birth – well, in the ways that we like women, anyway. Tess was stunning and articulate; Susan and I had lots to talk about regarding anonymity and women bloggers; Selina did not disappoint in her nudist philosophies.

I caught up with the busy lives of Dacia and Rachel, two gals I’d really like to see more of – sounds like Dacia has some new projects and I am definitely submitting something to a new anthology of Rachel’s. Also, Rachel’s got a new Crossdressing Erotica blog and has some great things about gender bending and gender presentation. I’m reviewing her new book, Crossdressing Erotica one of these days (I swear).

It was a particular pleasure speaking to speak to Sissy Maid Stephanie, who talked a bit about cross-dressing in her (his? forgive me if I use a pronoun you don’t prefer) daily life, and I found myself particularly identified with that, as someone who wears men’s clothes, but clearly in a separate category than she is at the same time. I admire her, I’d like to talk to her more about that.

I didn’t get his name, but there was a guy there who was quite impressive with a flogger. Made me want to be his apprentice. I need to practice.

I didn’t have a chance to talk to Jefferson about his recent post on his ex and kids, but I’d hoped to – I emailed him to tell him I empathize. I did get to mention that we should make OLTT/WWJD shirts, and he said he’ll put me in charge of his merch. (Dude, I am a graphic designer, don’t forget I start cafepress stores for fun).

And just before I left, Chris and Mickey asked nicely to see my cock, so I unzipped and showed it off.

I’d brought it for the party, yes; but I’d also brought it for the date I was going to after, a particularly beautiful southern girl (not Belle) who was just in town for a day. But that is a different post.

Sometimes, like this weekend, I fucken love living in this city.

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15 thoughts on “what sex bloggers do when we get together”

  1. Wendy says:

    The skilled flogger was Boymeat. :)

  2. AlwaysArousedGirl says:

    I have the same cock as you!:)

  3. aisforalisha says:

    hey, i review for EF, too… ^_^

  4. maymay says:

    With all the NY-based EdenFantasys reviewers, we could, like, start another tea party or something.

  5. aisforalisha says:

    we need a NY EF meetup.. but i'm upstate most of the time :(

  6. maymay says:

    What's your handle on EdenFantasys, Alisha? I'm maymay, which I'm sure is not a surprise. :) I noticed Sinclair also just goes by Sinclair.

  7. aisforalisha says:

    my review isn't cleared yet so my profile isn't on the list apparently..?

  8. Calico says:

    Oh, man, I am so sad I had to work. I just knew you and Eileen would hit it off though!

  9. Viviane says:

    Heeere's Boymeat & Stephanie:http://tinyurl.com/2e87u8I keep saying we need to have a sex toy swap meet at some point. Everyone likes learning about new things.So glad you were there.

  10. Eileen says:

    This is me grinning.Calico, you were so right.

  11. sinclair sexsmith says:

    uh huh. I second that: you were right, Calico. missed you there.Lolita, I covet your skills.alisha & may, great idea – a EF reviewers party … sounds ambitious!

  12. Lolita says:

    Sinclair, I can teach you!

  13. sinclair sexsmith says:

    lolita (sir): really? ohhh I may just take you up on that! (as soon as I get over my pride at not being as good at it as I'd like to think I am.) can we work out a trade? I will email you.

  14. Avah says:


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