It’s 2012, Let’s Have a Porn Party

Remember how I used to throw a #pornparty on Twitter every once in a while? Let’s do that again, that was fun.

What is a #pornparty, you ask? Well, it’s a worldwide gathering on Twitter of folks who like queer porn. Simply tune in, press play, and then follow the hashtag #pornparty while you watch for commentary and discussion. If you want to join in, make sure you have your own Twitter account, too (and make sure it’s unlocked for the evening if you want others to see your tweets!) and tag your posts with the hashtag so we’ll all see them.

We’ll be watching something through Hot Movies For Her, and viewing this film will be completely free. You don’t have to buy it or download it or purchase VOD minutes to watch it with us. You will need a account (which requires a credit card for verification purposes), and simply use the access code (to be announced). When you sign up and you’ll receive 90 minutes free to watch! Those 90 minutes will expire the next day.

So don’t you want to know what we’ll be watching?

Um HELLO … that is going to be fucken hot.

Alpha Femmes, a film by Anna Devia.

Anna Devia brings her latex-clad fetish femmes to life in her stunning, directorial debut, entitled “Alpha Femmes”. Starring April Flores, Ashley Blue, Akira Raine, & Sarah Lee Sinful as the beautifully brutal Alphafemmes, along with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Puck Goodfellow, and Cadence St. John as their submissive counterparts. Featuring 4 kinky & queer vignettes, including: Relentless Mistress Akira with Puck Goodfellow as her boot-worshipping, foot fetish subboi; Smoldering hot Sarah Lee’s smoking & shaving fetish scene with Cadence St. John; LA’s anal superstar Ashley Blue & SF’s badass Syd Blakovich in a steamy dildo-gagged anal facefuck; and BBW goddess April Flores, with Jiz Lee as her exotic pet in this exquisitely erotic saki-fueled scene, set against the backdrop of a rainy Japanese garden.

Come join us—by which I mean me and Kristen, I guess, since that’s really all I can guarantee will show up to this #pornparty—while we watch this queer porn flick (for free!) (and in the privacy of our own homes) and chat about it.

Alpha Femmes Twitter #pornparty
Brought to you by (& me!)
Monday, January 16th
6pm PST/9pm EST
Access code TBA

What other queer porn should the #pornparty watch in 2012? Personally, I want to watch Twisted Getaway, Brunch Bunch, and Doing It Ourselves.

… So? Are you in?