The Rest of Syd London’s Butch Voices NYC Photos

The rest of the Butch Voices photos taken by our official photographer Syd London are up! Take a look at the Speed Friending event that kicked off the conference, or visit Syd’s flickr to see them all together.

Here’s the shots from the conference, including my workshop “Cock Confidence,” and the community-building ritual keynote:

And here’s the Sideshow/Queer Memoir Mashup reading at Bluestockings:

Check out Syd’s recent work on Time Out NY, the PFAG Awards Gala, Mad Men Season Finale at the Bell House, the Grand Central Die-In, NY Burlesque Festival, and the Marriage Equality March. There’s also the Remembering Youth Vigil up on Go Magazine’s website.

Thanks, Syd! Prints or digital copies are available to purchase, contact Syd directly for more information about that. “Like” her on Facebook to follow her work!

3 thoughts on “The Rest of Syd London’s Butch Voices NYC Photos”

  1. Femme Gender says:

    Love, LOVE these photos. fimg x

  2. Siouxie Suse says:

    Awesome pics. And wow, Kristen's lips – such a fabulous pillbox red! Any chance she could divulge the lipstick responsible???

  3. Julia says:

    Nice photos! Looks like everyone is having a great time.

    Since I don't do twitter I take the chance to comment on the new layout: I like it a lot! Just one thing: I personally find the left column a little bit too small compared to the rest. Not a lot, but there still would be some space to the left and right on my screen. Other than that thumbs up! :-D

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