Dylan & Madison on Everything Butt

I don’t promo the kink.com sites very often, though I really like the work they do on The Training of O and The Upper Floor especially.

But … I ran into these promotional shots (hat tip to Essin’ Em) from Dylan Ryan and Madison Young—both of whom did Quick Anal Interviews with me for Anal Week here on Sugarbutch!—who were in a recent shoot on kink.com’s site Everything Butt, and I’ve just got to share them.

It is Anal Week (for a few more days), after all. And what better place to explore some photos of ass play than in Everything Butt?

They’re explicit (and fucking hot)—consider yourself warned.

See the whole shoot over on Everything Butt.

One thought on “Dylan & Madison on Everything Butt”

  1. Erudite Hayseed says:

    God DAMN do I love that EverythingButt shoot. I think it has something to do with the horrible surroundings juxtaposed against Madison and Dylan’s smooth skin.

    And all the great anal play, of course.

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