Free Copy of Ivan Coyote’s book Loose End

looseendIvan E. Coyote, Top Hot Butches Number Six and amazing storyteller, writer, and performer, has a new book out this year from Arsenal Pulp Press called The Slow Fix. I just picked it up when Kristen and I were in Philadelphia about a month ago at Giovanni’s Room, which, by the way, was one of the most amazing queer bookstores I’ve ever been in. Such a wonderful collection of books there, I could’ve bought twenty – I settled on three.

And, I just heard from Arsenal Pulp Press that they’ve got a promotion going on through September 30th – “FREE Ivan E. Coyote Book, Loose End, and with this download, you are also entitled to a SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT off the purchase of any or all of Ivan’s books, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.

I think I have all of them, but I might be missing one. I’ll have to double check. Hmm, maybe this is a good holiday gift – who’s on my list that would like Ivan’s books? I’m sure I can come up with a few.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith is a genderqueer kinky butch writer who teaches and performs, specializing in sexualities, genders, and relationships. They've written at since 2006, recognized numerous places as one of the Top Sex Blogs. Sinclair's gender theory and queer erotica is widely published in anthologies like Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, and online at Feministing, Autostraddle, AfterEllen, and more; they are the editor of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, both published by Cleis Press. Sweet & Rough: Sixteen Stories of Queer Smut, Sinclair's first book of short erotic stories, was published in 2014. They use the pronouns they, them, theirs, themself, and live in Oakland, CA with their boy.

10 thoughts on “Free Copy of Ivan Coyote’s book Loose End”

  1. Daisy says:

    Awesome! I really needed this right now.

  2. Tristan says:

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with us. I never would have found that on my own and even though i've just read the first short, i'm pretty sure you've introduced me to one of my new favorite authors. You just made my day.

  3. Sinclair says:

    I highly HIGHLY recommend Ivan's CD too – his voice and live storytelling is so fantastic, it's a different experience to hear him perform his own work.

  4. MakingSpace says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  5. alisha says:


  6. BarbRyan says:

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

    *I love Giovanni's Room. I live right over the bridge in South Jersey and whenever I head to Philly, I try to stop in. They are one the best Queer bookstores in the world!!

  7. Rina says:

    I don't understand lol How am I getting a free book out of this? the download was alot of nothing, and Im confused!

  8. sefv says:

    Considering I have none of them this is a big help. Thanks!

  9. kim says:

    thanks for the link, worked like a charm. i was looking to see if there was a facebook page for ivan, and found a group called "Admit it you have a crush on Ivan E Coyote", so check it out!

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