I’m On Vacation – See You Next Week!

July 7, 2009  |  miscellany

(Photo reprinted without permission from A. Clauset)

I’ll be on vacation for the next five days.

I’m heading to a tantra workshop at a zen center on a hot springs, and just writing down that combination of words makes my shoulders relax and my body loosen. I have never been able to afford or make time for a long retreat like this before, it feels so indulgent (and grown-up), and I can’t wait. It’s been a long time coming and I know I can really use some reflection and protection time for me. It’s not going to be purely a vacation, since I have no doubt that this will bring up some deep psychological and spiritual things in me, but I’m hoping I can use it to reground, to solidify so many of the things I’ve been learning about myself in the recent past, and come back with my footing a little more certain, with just a little more of the noise filtered out.

Which would be nothing short of bliss.

I won’t be writing much here for the next week. I might be updating things like my twitter account and my flickr stream, no guarantees. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to share when I get back on Monday.

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  1. If you venture away from the zen center, try to have some decent green chile while you're out here! : )

  2. Enjoy yourself – you deserve it -!

  3. Have a wonderfully restful time, Sinclair.

  4. three words, friend: butch club sandwiches.

    hope you made it home safely.

  5. Bodhi Manda is an awesome place. Say hi to Hosen for “ck” if you get this!


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