MC Flow – “Created Equal”

Queers United says the person holding the “committed” sign is Flow’s partner. for more information.

5 thoughts on “MC Flow – “Created Equal””

  1. Francisco says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this!

    I love how the song ends on a happy, hopeful note.

  2. Collen says:

    I have to admit: I've been taking a break from the prop 8 stuff as much as I can lately, even the stuff that is pro-queers, because my heart breaks every time I have to realize AGAIN exactly what happened on Nov. 4. It makes me feel really sad. I know it will come around to being righteously indignant and wanting to fight again, but right now…it just makes me feel defeated, depleted and depressed.

  3. sarcozona says:

    Yes, thanks for sharing this. Like Colleen, I avoid the issue sometimes out of anger/fear/hurt. MC Flow reminds me that I shouldn't.

  4. alisha says:

    i thought it was adorable and it made me cry.. especially when i saw her partner holding the 'committed' sign.

    i'm circulating this post on facebook and such..

  5. Janet says:

    Very nice — I plan to start sharing this video as well.

    thanks for posting it.

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