MC Flow – “Created Equal”

January 3, 2009  |  miscellany

Queers United says the person holding the “committed” sign is Flow’s partner. for more information.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this!

    I love how the song ends on a happy, hopeful note.

  2. I have to admit: I've been taking a break from the prop 8 stuff as much as I can lately, even the stuff that is pro-queers, because my heart breaks every time I have to realize AGAIN exactly what happened on Nov. 4. It makes me feel really sad. I know it will come around to being righteously indignant and wanting to fight again, but right now…it just makes me feel defeated, depleted and depressed.

  3. Yes, thanks for sharing this. Like Colleen, I avoid the issue sometimes out of anger/fear/hurt. MC Flow reminds me that I shouldn't.

  4. i thought it was adorable and it made me cry.. especially when i saw her partner holding the 'committed' sign.

    i'm circulating this post on facebook and such..

  5. Very nice — I plan to start sharing this video as well.

    thanks for posting it.

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